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Is there any way to get rid of stretch marks?

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elsmommy Sun 24-Apr-05 17:55:40

I hate them

spacedonkey Sun 24-Apr-05 17:57:08

i hate them too, but i think surgery or laser treatment is the only way to get rid of them. There is a cream (the name of which i forget) that's supposed to help. It's american and lots of women are buying it for wrinkles ...

elsmommy Sun 24-Apr-05 18:01:28

Ooooh don't fancy surgery or laser treatment!!
Gonna have a look on e-bay for some cream!!

spacedonkey Sun 24-Apr-05 18:03:11

no cream will get rid of them completely though

elsmommy Sun 24-Apr-05 18:07:24

They're all avon ones on e-bay so they ain't gonna work

Branster Sun 24-Apr-05 23:32:06

nothing, not even laser gets rid of them, unless they're trated very early on and still no guarantee.

there have beedn a couple of other threads on this and i alway reccomend rosehip oil which can be purchased from some covent garden shop. do a google and it'll come up. you can ored online. i use it and it seems to work , the botle lasts for ages but you must use it regularly as it only improve the appearance it does not get rid of stretch marks.

i'd be interested to know what cream spacedonkey mentions, knowing me i'd probably buy it

jampots Sun 24-Apr-05 23:33:06


hunkermunker Sun 24-Apr-05 23:34:06

I used sudocrem. It faded them brilliantly, although the skin's still got that wrinkled elephant scrotum look to it

QueenEagle Sun 24-Apr-05 23:34:54

You can never get rid of stretchmarks as they are, in effect, scars. They do however fade in time from bright purple/red to silvery lines.

The only way I've seen to get rid completely is to have a tummy tuck and that seems a bit too drastic.

QueenEagle Sun 24-Apr-05 23:36:52

PMSL @ hunkermunker - what a description!

Am going to ask dh if he wants to kiss my elephant scrotum tonight!

Branster Sun 24-Apr-05 23:40:21

yep, yep, yep jampots!
I've heard of it last year I think. they mentioned it in the sunday times (style section). it was really expensive when I looked for it and only available in america. but they did say it works.

hunkermunker Sun 24-Apr-05 23:41:11

QE Bet he gives you an odd look

QueenEagle Sun 24-Apr-05 23:42:28

When you say it "works", do you mean it reduces the redness of them or actually makes them disappear completely? If it's the latter I'm very sceptical as didn't think you could make scars vanish?

Branster Sun 24-Apr-05 23:44:00

i think it means it makes them less noticeable.
you can't possibly get rid of them with just a cream as far as i know.

QueenEagle Sun 24-Apr-05 23:44:27

hunkermunker - lol

He'd probably say "if you wanna see an elephant scrotum, you wanna look at this!

cos he's rude like that is my dh!

hunkermunker Sun 24-Apr-05 23:46:17

QE...your DH sounds very like mine

If anyone sells a cream that gives back 'normal skin texture', I'll buy it.

mummygow Sun 24-Apr-05 23:50:22

theres one advertised in my preg magazine and weightwatchers magazines its called Bio-Oil

Bugsy2 Wed 27-Apr-05 16:42:01

I am using strivectin at the moment. It is expensive (£69 per tube) and you have to religiously apply it 3 times a day, but it is definitely improving the appearance of mine.

Branster Thu 28-Apr-05 22:06:11

where did you buy it bugsy2?

Bugsy2 Fri 29-Apr-05 10:06:01

Over the internet, I think the company was called Biovea. They are definitely less noticable & I've been slapping it on my wrinkles too!!!

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