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if you have ever wanted to cut your own hair...

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mammapiggy Tue 07-Apr-09 14:25:30

this is one way of doing it

i have had numerous discussions about this lee stafford method of cutting your own hair so i thought i would put this link here, just in case anyone is interested and also so i can find this clip again if i need to.

i cut my own hair using this method by the way

fuzzywuzzy Tue 07-Apr-09 14:33:11

I'd really like that kind of cut, but I'm scaaaared to try it on my own hair first....

macherie Tue 07-Apr-09 14:53:40

I have cut my own hair for years, I started off cutting a longish bob, then learned to put in layers and a fringe. I used to get lots of compliments on my haircut!

Then I decided I wanted a really short cut, which would be too tricky to do myself. Unfortunately the hairdresser I went to made a total mess of it. So I've had 8 months of torture growing it, and its back in a bob, layers and a sideswept fringe.

I will NEVER go to a hairdresser again, I do a much better job myself smile

Tinker Tue 07-Apr-09 15:02:14

How do you put your own layers in? Would love to be able to do it as I forget to make appointments often enough and really just can't be bothered with hairdressers

mammapiggy Tue 07-Apr-09 15:06:09

ive not been to a hairdressers for years now either, too much hassle!
i do dh's hair too and the dd 's!

i love that clip though i think its so clever im glad i watch celeb scissorhands and pick up these tips grin

sarah293 Tue 07-Apr-09 15:06:34

Message withdrawn

mammapiggy Tue 07-Apr-09 15:12:33

riven - brave lady grin

ive never liked going to hairdressers tbh, dont know why

rubyslippers Tue 07-Apr-09 15:15:46

i cut my own hair

to get layers i straighten it, put it in a high pony tail and snip

so far, so good!

sarah293 Tue 07-Apr-09 15:23:52

Message withdrawn

mammapiggy Tue 07-Apr-09 15:37:32

yes they do cost too much, i think i must save a fortune doing all of our lots hair!

Chaotica Tue 07-Apr-09 15:40:25

Cool! I am inspired to try it out NOW!

(Haven't had a hairdresser I trusted for years either.)

EasterEggsintheSky Tue 07-Apr-09 15:42:49

Do you all have dead straight hair? I haven't been to the hairdresser for as long as I can remember - seriously can't remember the last time. My mother cuts my hair as it is just past shoulders curly/wavy/frizzy. I'd love to cut it myself but think it would be really difficult.

mammapiggy Tue 07-Apr-09 15:43:36

go for it! like riven says, it grows back anyway!

you dont even have to take too much off if you dont want

FigmentOfYourImagination Tue 07-Apr-09 15:44:17

Oh my god.

It looks ok ish from a distance on a grainy monitor but up close. Hmmmm. Not sure.

I do trim the ends off DD's hair but I wouldn't do anything over and above that especially not on my own mop (because I can't see the back roperly etc on my own hair, not because I value my own mane over DDs grin)

mammapiggy Tue 07-Apr-09 15:46:22

eastereggs - my hair is quite straight but i think this could work on curly hair, although i have only seen demos done on straight hair

EasterEggsintheSky Tue 07-Apr-09 16:01:15

Am tempted to straighten, ponytail and snip but layers might make me look like Orphan Annie hmm

bleh Tue 07-Apr-09 16:36:21

I did cut my hair for a while (it looked rubbish), the first time after I accidentally died it green. I am obviously not cut out for hairdresser (I also LOVE my hairdresser too much to stop going).

chocolepew Tue 07-Apr-09 17:15:46

I'm going to cut mine in the next hour, I attack it with clippers. I'm going short again and haven't been near the hairdressers for 6 years.

littlelamb Tue 07-Apr-09 19:39:29

damn you mammapiggy I am trying to work up the courage to do this. I'm just not sure I can deal with a fringe. I haven't had one since primary school and I'm not sure that with my fat round face I won't just look like a pudding...

MadameCastafiore Tue 07-Apr-09 19:45:38

Bloody hell it looks as though a 5 year old has gone at it with a chainsaw.

mammapiggy Tue 07-Apr-09 21:43:56

littlelamb - if you only cut a little bit off you wont have a fringe anyway, you dont have to go that short with it just cut a bit off the end of the ponytail and see how it goes - good luck smile

EldonAve Thu 23-Apr-09 13:59:18

A woman in Boots was talking about doing this yesterday... maybe she is a MNer!

JustCallMeGoat Thu 23-Apr-09 14:01:47

you have been warned

EldonAve Thu 23-Apr-09 14:02:37

Oh dear!

Message withdrawn

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