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fat eyelids and folds

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chocolepew Sun 05-Apr-09 19:17:17

I'm 40 and pretty much wrinkle free (fat face grin) but my eyelids seem to be growing hmm. It's the one aging process I didn't want to happen, so naturally it did! I have big eyes and am pissed of by my wrinkly eyelids, does anyone use a good firming cream?

KerryMumbles Sun 05-Apr-09 19:25:19

do you know mine never did this that i was aware of until I started plucking eyebrows (never did that in my life until recently). Went to get No. 7 uplifting eye cream based on someone's recommendation but they sold me on the regular No. 7 eye cream instead and it's shite and makes my eyes sore (even though I only put is on lids and side)

chocolepew Sun 05-Apr-09 19:29:06

I have to pluck my eyebrows more now to try to open my eyes a bit. I've also started to use a darker shadow in the crease to try to disguise it. Avon used to do a firming eyeshadow, but don't know if they still do.

noddyholder Sun 05-Apr-09 19:30:39

I can't even join in here too depressing

KerryMumbles Sun 05-Apr-09 20:16:49

have you heard if avon stuff is any good?

aw come on noddy, at least you probably don't have freaking FACIAL HAIR sad

noddyholder Sun 05-Apr-09 20:30:25

No facial hair!But liney forehead drives me nuts!Eyes ok but starting to go.

lizandlulu Sun 05-Apr-09 21:23:04

i have heavy eyelids too, and even have a mole on one of them!, its only a small one but flaps about abitshock

painting a nice picture here arent igrin

they have always been like thta and i dont like thta way i cant see much of the eyeshadow i put on the lower part of the lid. but not alot i can do about it so have to live with it.

Beedace Sat 07-Oct-17 20:36:35

I have flappy upper eyelids which seem to be getting worse. I know it is to do with age but at times they look better so I wonder if it is also to do with how much your eyes water or whether you have a cold . Does anyone have any advice? Should I look into surgery? If so do you have any idea of cost or any recommendations?

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