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popsycal Sat 04-Apr-09 19:52:38

Ok so I have had a bad day trudging round town with ds3 trying on dresses for a wedding and nothing fitted properly. I am a size 12 so lots of choice. But I just looked at myself and though urgh.

I have a friend who is a similar size and build as me, we shop in similar places and have a similar style. Yet she can make an asda t shirt look so glamourous. She is fairly normal look but always looks stunning,

So - share your secrets!

Feeling frumpy

brimfull Sat 04-Apr-09 19:53:54

have you got decent underwear ie. a bra

gives you better posture which will help

popsycal Sat 04-Apr-09 19:55:21

and that was one thing I was URG at when trying on dresses
I am still feeding ds3 but could reallly do with an underwear overhaul

puffling Sat 04-Apr-09 19:55:50

I imagine being tall would help, with either an hourglass or boyish figure would mean clothes hang better.

earthpixie Sat 04-Apr-09 19:56:26


Styled hair and light, flattering make-up.

Proper undies.

Clothes that are the right size.

hotcrosspurepurple Sat 04-Apr-09 19:56:48

i was going to say good underwear and an inner confidence
if you think you look gorgeous then so will everyone else

popsycal Sat 04-Apr-09 19:57:13

I am 5'6, size 12, fairly boyish figure if I had to pick a 'figure' but having temporary norks which means size 12 tops are tight and size 12 bottoms are a little big....

LetThemEatCake Sat 04-Apr-09 19:57:27

blah blah, 'tis all about attitude. And accessories.

Great skin, glossy hair.
Positive attitude

= feeling a million bucks

LetThemEatCake Sat 04-Apr-09 19:58:18

... and at least one pair of wildly expensive, hugely impractical shoes wink

popsycal Sat 04-Apr-09 19:58:38

You know - I am not usually so image conscious at all. But it has annoyed me today!

Yes, my friend does style her hair. And she <whispers> irons everything - something which I have neither then time nor inclination to do

popsycal Sat 04-Apr-09 19:59:48

You see, I think I need to become more of a 'girl'. I don't get the obsessions with shoes and bags. Don't understand why one would need 15 pairs of jeans....

NorktasticNinja Sat 04-Apr-09 20:00:19

ggirl is right a good bra can really work miracles, if your supply has stabilised it's quite alright to wear an under wired feeding bra. Anita do some IIRC.

TBH the main reason some people can look good in anything is self confidence, pure and simple, unfortunately it's not available through mail order sad

popsycal Sat 04-Apr-09 20:03:14

ds3 is nearly 7 months. I do wear normal bras sometimes - but they are probably the wrong fit and tumble dried to hell. Hmm. I sond a right catch.


Do I have to have matching knickers? I suspect I know the answer.

I am working on the glossy hair. I had my hair cut the other week, purchased some striaghteners (never saw the point before, having dead straight hair, but they are fab!). Have purchased 'products' to make my hair luscious.

I need to get the Johnson's holiday skin thingy out (the fair skin one for me as I am feeling very washed out.....


Keep going...

popsycal Sat 04-Apr-09 20:05:36

I just asked DH why he thought my mate looked so glam and I didn't - he said 'Put it this way - you got excited the other week on discovering dry shampoo'

rookiemater Sat 04-Apr-09 20:06:47

On the recommendation of mumsnet I went and had a colour and style consultation. It sounds terribly Bridget Jonesy, but honestly is the best thing I have ever done in regards to clothes.

She looked at my figure and determined what styles I should be wearing and now I have a little booklet of these. Really obvious stuff like I have a big chest so shirt buttons will always gape, so I should avoid them.

If you feel that is too expensive then buy or get the Colour Me Confident book from your local library and get a truth speaking friend to say what shape you are.

NorktasticNinja Sat 04-Apr-09 20:08:00

Oh, a cold rinse after washing always makes my (dead straight) hair shinier, and then there's the old school silk scarf trick, it really does work, strangely enough!.

popsycal Sat 04-Apr-09 20:11:15

silk scarf trick.....hmm

I ought to say, I am probably having a bit of a pre-birthday wobble - coming up 35 which I am unusually shakey about! I also know that ds3 is definitely our last and I need to refind my 'image' iyswim

hotcrosspurepurple Sat 04-Apr-09 20:14:09

the silk scarf trick
is that the same as the vase of flowers trick?
stick a vase of flowers in your room and noone will notice the dust

NorktasticNinja Sat 04-Apr-09 20:20:18

Ooops, it did sound a bit kinky, sorry. It's just 'polishing' the hair with a silk scarf wrapped around your hand, some use it around a bristle brush just to extra old school.

I've been told to do it by many an elderly lady.

NorktasticNinja Sat 04-Apr-09 20:21:14

...some people use it...

MrsMcCluskey Sat 04-Apr-09 20:25:31

Good basics
and good accessories
Scarves are great for making an outfit more interesting
Today I am wearing a white vest, jeans, grey jersey cardi, grey stripey cotton scarf, silver belt and silver glittery pumps. Look great!!

Ronaldinhio Sat 04-Apr-09 20:30:57

This sounds so naff but is decent you need to honestly find out what body shape you are.
If you can't tell yourself the truth tape measure yourself or draw your outline on a full length mirror

Of actually first step buy a full length mirror, always check yourself out critically bfore you leave the house.

Trinny and Tranny did a decent book with a colour section a while ago "What you wear can change your life" some bits of it made a lot of sense to me.

Decent hair, accessories that work for you a bit of basic make up and decent underwear will make a massive difference to anyone

I hope this helps but I bet it's not as bad as you think anyway!

BitOfFunnyBunny Sat 04-Apr-09 20:33:38

Nice hair and skin, plus a well-fitting bra. Good shoes or boots don't hurt either, but posture and attitude are your best friends!

PigeonPie Sat 04-Apr-09 20:33:51

Popsycal, I had my colours done a couple of months ago with House of Colour because I felt I was in a rut after having DS2 (now 14 months and still bf). I feel great having ditched stuff in my wardrobe and know that what I have got will work. I am going to do the style day next month and I'm really looking forward to it. Whether you are sceptical about colours or not, it has given me much more self confidence and I've had loads of really positive comments.

I'm afraid it probably won't help you find something for your wedding, but in the slightly longer term, it will help.

traceybath Sat 04-Apr-09 20:39:47

Basic grooming i think makes a massive difference. Clean hair thats been cut well/styled/nice ponytail or something.

Little make up, shaped eyebrows bit of tinted lipbalm etc.

Ironed clothes does help and some cool accesories.

Of course some women are just naturally glam and could make a binbag look good.

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