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Looking for a black sequin jacket - anyone seen any?

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EldonAve Mon 30-Mar-09 12:29:58

like this but in black with smaller sequins?

Look mag featured a DP one but I can't find it online

Amandoh Mon 30-Mar-09 15:53:37

Zara had a lovely one in. The sequins are matt black so from a distance it almost looked leather. I think it was £116.00 if I remember correctly.

This jacket from Fenn Wright and Manson isn't covered in sequins but has a bit of sparkle. I tried it on a couple of weeks ago and it looked lovely. Just a shame I didn't have anywhere to wear it to otherwise I would have bought it.

EldonAve Mon 30-Mar-09 16:08:32

Thanks, I will check out Zara

EldonAve Fri 10-Apr-09 09:49:55

Bumping as still not found one

The DP one is in Instyle now but still no sign of it

EldonAve Mon 13-Apr-09 17:13:36


missblythe Tue 14-Apr-09 11:18:00

Just emaield someone at teh DP press office for you-it won't be in store until early June. Hope it's worth the wait!!

Amandoh Tue 14-Apr-09 12:01:28

Vintage tuxedo style on Ebay if you can't wait till June.

Patricia Field for M&S. I tried one of these on when they were in store and didn't like the wide flapping sleeves with the fitted body. They sold out though so what do I know.

Not a jacket but at just £42.00 from Oli I thought it was worth a link.

EldonAve Tue 14-Apr-09 13:42:43

Thanks both

missblythe - June seems an age away!

Amandoh - that vintage one is v nice but too small for me

I also found the Zara one on ebay but shock at the price

Amandoh Tue 14-Apr-09 15:08:14

Love the tux. Could you wear it open? I remember a Trinny and Suze tip being that a jacket in a size smaller than you need and left unbuttoned is slimming.

Zara one is lovely. Very matt though so not quite as shimmery as the one in your link. Bit shocked at the Ebay price as it was less in store. It's no longer in store in my local Zara (Croydon) but might still be in stock in less busy stores.

EldonAve Thu 30-Apr-09 14:08:25

Alas the vintage would definitely be too small

Just found this topshop blue but none in my size left

EldonAve Fri 01-May-09 12:04:55


EldonAve Mon 27-Jul-09 15:12:03

finally found the dp one grin

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