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I never wash my face

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GrubbyMare Tue 24-Mar-09 14:14:38

And my skin is perfect.

Never spotty, never flaky, it's lovely. People compliment me all the time,, and ask me how I do it, but what can I say? I can't say "Oh well I never wash it more often than every 3 days and I leave my make up on until it makes it's own way off, and I wipe the rest off with a warm flannel" can I? Why is my skin nice? By rights it should be horrible, greasy and dirty, and it honestly isn't.

PuppyMonkey Tue 24-Mar-09 14:16:01

Luck? Genes?

Ronaldinhio Tue 24-Mar-09 14:16:38

wiping off with a warm flannel exfoliates??

100yearsofsolitude Tue 24-Mar-09 14:16:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

weebump Tue 24-Mar-09 14:17:07

Well, when I was pregnant I got away with doing very little cleansing and my skin was perfect. Not any more though. You must have a perfect hormonal balance smile

DrNortherner Tue 24-Mar-09 14:17:24

Maybe the less you do to it the better it is?

If you never wash your face do you apply makeup over stale makeup? Do you moisturise?

PrettyCandles Tue 24-Mar-09 14:20:44

Genes, and not over-cleansing it. Can't comment about the make-up though!

I had the classic teen struggle with spots, until my clever aunty (a nurse) told me to stop using all the cleansers and toners etc, but to just wash my hands with soap and then rinse my face with tepid water 3-4 times a day. Within a couple of weeks virtually all my spots had gone, and my skin was perfect for the next 15 years.

Until I developed an allergy sad.

DSM Tue 24-Mar-09 14:22:49

Grubbymare - me too.

I never wash my face. It gets wet in the shower, and when I am bathing I will probably run my wet hands across it, but I certainly don't wash it.

I have never owned cleanser, toner or moisturiser (and I am not even really sure what toner is..)

I have never, ever taken my make up off before bed, and I wear a full face of make up every single day, and have done for at least 10 years. I just reapply after my shower the next day. Sometimes need to clean a bit off under my eyes if my face got too wet in the shower and mascara has run. I use a cotton bud for this, and I wet it in my mouth.

I have perfect skin, and am always being complimented as well.

Maybe we are just lucky, or.. maybe all these expensive creams etc are a waste of money!

GrubbyMare Tue 24-Mar-09 14:24:23

I honestly don't know, it kind of works it's own way off, then I mop my face with a wet flannel and dry it before I put more make up on - mind you, I don't wear foundation, just some eye makeup.

I'm early 30s, so not 20, no. I never had a teen struggle with spots either - it's always been clear. I get one spot on my chin 2 days before my period. Weird!

castille Tue 24-Mar-09 14:24:57

Lucky you. My skin was gorgeous every time during pregnancy but otherwise it's a lot more difficult and I can't get away with neglect.

But don't you all have horribly grubby pillowcases?

brimfull Tue 24-Mar-09 14:25:37

or maybe one day your faces will fall off grin envy

I have a friend like this..soo annoying.

If I don't bother to wash my makeup off I get spots.

I reckon people like you are blessed with minscule pores

GrubbyMare Tue 24-Mar-09 14:25:53

yes, I have to change my pillowcase a LOT as it's always covered in mascara and eyeliner! grin

DSM Tue 24-Mar-09 14:26:23

My pillowcases are black so I wouldn't know anyway! grin

I do wash them frequently, honest wink

I have had some complaints whenever I stay at other peoples houses though, as I do tend to leave make up marks on pillows. Oh well, not my washing wink

Lio Tue 24-Mar-09 14:27:36

I am 38, have washed my face approx twice a year for the last ten years or more, and am just starting to think that I might have to start taking care of it as it's getting a bit dry. Bummer.

I don't wear make up. Not never, just nearly never.

DrNortherner Tue 24-Mar-09 14:28:06

Well I think we need to see a picture of your perfect skin!

If I don't moisturise my face feels like it's about to crack.....

TitsMagee Tue 24-Mar-09 14:34:01

I dont really do anything much to my face either but I only wear make-up on special ccasions and it always stays on 'til next morning!

I also have a crappy diet at times and never drink much water.

I am always being paid compliments about my complexion. I am 29 but people always think I am younger. I think it is genetic, my dad looks younger than he is (apart from his grey hair). This may all catch up with me later soon though.

DSM Tue 24-Mar-09 14:37:22

Oh, and I get asked for ID in bars and shops - even for cigarettes. Apparently, I look under 18.

I am 27.


talbot Tue 24-Mar-09 15:11:42

Are you saying you don't have a bath or a shower every day??

DSM Tue 24-Mar-09 15:15:14

I don't.

prettybird Tue 24-Mar-09 15:45:27

I rarely cleanse my face too. I've always been lucky with my skin so never got in to the habit. Every so often I try to get into a routine of cleansing my face but then jsut as easily get out of it.

My make-up only consists of tinted moisturise, eye make-up and lipstick/lip gloss. I use the lip stick as a "matching" blusher blush

The only bit of my make-uproutine that I have always been strict on is mousturising every morning and usually at night (on top of the "old" makeup if I haven't taken it off)

I'm 47 (48 in 2 weeks) and am told I look younger. Only get the odd pimple around my period. My skin is getting drier though as I get older.

FigmentOfYourImagination Tue 24-Mar-09 15:45:59

Some people are just lucky I guess.

MarlaSinger Tue 24-Mar-09 15:49:37

I've stopped washing my face so much and just using a wet flannel - and I do think my skin is better for it. I have to moisturise though, can't get away without it.

worley Tue 24-Mar-09 16:01:45

ditto i dont wash either, sometime i have fads and will have a facemask or something, but then i know i will get a few spots a day or so later, so hardly ever (maybe once a year)bother now. i do moisturise every morning with baby lotion, i just use a babywipe to get rid of mascara as that all i wear too. Although im now starting to think maybe i should begin to use an anti-aging cream or something?? im nearly 32 now

my bf used to have terrrible acne, had all sorts of cream etc and the dr prescribed her creams and nothing worked till she went away camping and left the cream at home and her skin improved soooo much. shes not used it any more and has never looked back.

Podrick Tue 24-Mar-09 18:21:36

please post close up of your skin - if it is close enough it will still be anonymous!

ForeverOptimistic Tue 24-Mar-09 18:24:16

I was like you grubbymare until I turned 33 and then it all went to pot! My skin is actually still very clear and I never get spots but I have wrinkles now and seem prone to horrible skin tags as well.

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