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Style - shocked i have none!

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doraexplorer Tue 19-Apr-05 18:34:15

I am mortified beyond belief.

I own the top that the horrible Michael Winner is wearing when he is dressed up as his wife in 'those' adverts.

Where can i go from here? (only way is up ???)

Please help guidance needed for woman who is curvy in the right and some wrong places.

spykid Tue 19-Apr-05 18:39:50

Trinny and Susannah's new book is an interesting read(be selective)
Be proud of the M Winner creation!!! Start a new trend{wink]

spykid Tue 19-Apr-05 18:40:17

or even !!!

doraexplorer Tue 19-Apr-05 18:45:07

Think i could get away with the brooch but the skirt/slippers and rollers just tips the scales.

Trying to encourage parents to see me as a responsible childminder?!!

Maybe the wrinkled stockings could make a comeback?

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