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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

So what are you wearing today?

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Hulababy Fri 13-Mar-09 12:49:59

I am sat having lunch in a floor length cocktail/ball gown in a red red wine colour, with red drape round my shoulders, tiara and jewels grin

kettlechip Fri 13-Mar-09 13:25:17

snap! grin

cass66 Fri 13-Mar-09 15:51:46

Bright red opaque tights, short denim skirt, black boots, red t-shirt. red hair extension which keeps falling/being pulled out.

RubyRioja Fri 13-Mar-09 15:52:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marthasmama Fri 13-Mar-09 15:54:30

PJs. DD and feel rubbish and tired. Can't be bothered today.

sagacious Fri 13-Mar-09 15:54:53

fit flop boots
grey and black stripy socks
black jeans
grey and black patterned top
black cardi
a very grumpy expression
too much eyeliner

Hulababy Fri 13-Mar-09 16:12:11

Fab kettlechip grin

Actually I confess I have since changed after coming home and having lunch. I had said I'd collect Katz's DDs and my DD from school dressed up but it started raining quite heavy so floor length dress not ideal attire.

Lulumama Fri 13-Mar-09 16:15:51

wide leg turn up jeans in dark blue, an acid yellow hip length cardi with white vest top underneath, an earthy coloured linen big scarf, crocs.

i was wearing a YSL le smoking, with 6 inch patent Kurt Geiger heels, but felt it was wasted on poorly DD..

lou33 Fri 13-Mar-09 16:17:58

black sleeveless fitted mini dress, black lacy tights, a black wraparound ballerina style jumper and flat black pumps

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 13-Mar-09 16:19:15

The blue tights which DP hates.

Mini (not too mini) cord skirt, 3/4 length sleeve top, wedge boots.

Not wearing hairspray so my hair has gone flat.

Also wearing a martyred expression as DP has gone to Cheltenham Races today and I am designated driver.

MarshaBrady Fri 13-Mar-09 16:21:30

Black and white stripey dress
dark grey opaque wolford tights

JohnnyTwoHats Fri 13-Mar-09 16:24:37

Baggy jeans(actually baggy only because I have lost so much weight in the last two months so I ahve to belt them in), a navy polo shirt (but a feminine fitted one from zara) and a light grey hoody. And a dark grey hat. Black Converse-a-likes. More scruffy than usual today but am going to wash my hair in a minute and get changed for work.

littlerach Fri 13-Mar-09 16:26:33

Red top.
PJ bottoms.
hair in plaits

In defence, I have been working in preschool and so had ot dress in somehting funny.


FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 13-Mar-09 16:28:36

Day off work spent cleaning today so.....

Orange short sleeved fitted t-shirt
Indigo skinny jeans
Black socks
White bra
Pink pants
No make up

Off out tonight and will be wearing

Black dress
Black opaques
Red patent high heeled mary janes
Too much eyeliner a la sagacious

EyeballsintheSky Fri 13-Mar-09 16:30:24

Red Christmas nightshirt and leggings. I'm ill and so DD and I are housebound and still in our pyjamas.

Fimbo Fri 13-Mar-09 16:36:41

Emerald green bra
White knicks
Odd stripey socks
New Look hula jeans
Top from Boden (think its called Anya)
Frye banana coloured boots

lumpsdumps Fri 13-Mar-09 17:09:45

ikat scarf
ink top
blue wide leg jeans
and converse

all the clothes were from the now ex Principles

whyme2 Fri 13-Mar-09 17:29:01

black jeans
green and white stripy top,
stripy socks,
sick mark
and my favourite accesory - dd attached to my right breast.

Bella73 Fri 13-Mar-09 17:32:50

pjs and dressing gown

(recovering from having my gallbladder out, not got dressed all week!)

pavlovthecat Fri 13-Mar-09 17:33:56

scraggly old beige animal cord flares, purple 'LOVE' t-shirt, black cardi, dark red levi sneakers, odd socks, no underwear.

Saltire Fri 13-Mar-09 17:34:01

This morning I had my work clothes on, but now have my comic relief t-shirt, jeans socks and slippers! Classy eh?

RedNoseOnHerFace Fri 13-Mar-09 17:36:08

A red nose grin
odd socks

and a few bits and pieces in between

Lizzylou Fri 13-Mar-09 17:39:18

Black Hula jeans
Black and multi coloured striped long sleeved T-shirt

"Lots of spots" as DS2 just told me

mrsmaidamess Fri 13-Mar-09 17:43:13

Red Nose dress up day at our school, so I dressed as an school girl complete with freckles on my face and rolled down red socks.

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 13-Mar-09 18:09:28

pavlov - how can you wear no undercrackers with cords ? [wince]

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