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Braces for little boys- where can I get effective ones?

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solidgoldbrass Wed 11-Mar-09 22:41:38

DS is the classic skinny, long-legged little boy (he's 4) with perpetualy-descending trousers. I bought some braces for him a couple of years ago, but the clips are crap. Does anyone know which of the high street shops might do a decent set of braces for a 4 year old?

fin42 Wed 11-Mar-09 23:59:51

I have bought my ds elasticated belts for his trousers from M&S and Mothercare. I'm not sure how he'd cope with undoing braces to go for a wee (he still sits down on the toilet). They work well because he can still pull his trousers down but they keep them up inbetween times iyswim.

solidgoldbrass Thu 12-Mar-09 13:17:33

I have not found belts to work terribly well - thought braces might be better as DS would be able to slide them off his shoulders when he wanted the loo.

TheFlyingKipper Thu 12-Mar-09 20:11:08

BHS sell them.

Ronaldinhio Thu 12-Mar-09 20:20:58

sgb those snake belts are fabbo

Cocogarden Fri 26-Jun-09 10:59:22
You can find stretch belts and braces there.
Braces are just as good if you explain that they need to slip them down over the shoulder to get their arms out. No need to undo the clips and then just pull the trousers down.
My daughter loves it.
Check it out.

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