Ok, so what colour converse do I buy and do they come up big or small?

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bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:29:19

I haven't had a pair of these since they were in last time round when I was a student (God I am showing my age here). What colour do you all have ... was looking at the navy but wondering whether it is a little unadventurous ... or maybe the pink? I would be wearing them with jeans so I guess it doesnt really matter. My ds LOVES pink and is always over the moon if I wear anything pink - bless him! Also, do they come up big or small? My feet are 4-5 depending on the fit. And finally ladies .. where is the best place online to buy them .. have just had a quick look on amazon - is there anywhere cheaper? Thank you in advance!

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:32:59

Message withdrawn

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:35:46

Message withdrawn

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:36:17

sorry, that meant to read there you go riven... oops

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:36:19

here they are just trainers but a bit like old fashioned plimsolls really!

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:36:26

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:38:11

Message withdrawn

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:38:42

yes they are plimsolls but in purdy colours!

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:39:11

I'll get it right in the end!

I like the black and hot pink ones, third row, far right.

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:39:12

glad to see I am not the only one who remembers them from days of olde wink

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:40:07

Riven, they're more than plimsolls, they're a piece of Americana. Think 50s big skirts, soda fountains and Jimmy Dean.

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:41:19

aaah the hot pink as opposed to the paler pink - I hadn't spotted those! Now I am even more confused. Have just bought a blue handbag for spring/summer ... mind you they are trainers so I guess it doesn't really matter too much!

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:41:38

Message withdrawn

daisybaby Wed 11-Mar-09 08:42:53

Have you tried ebay - there is a seller in Hong Kong who delivers really quickly and for a good price.
If you are between a 4 and a 5, you will def need a 5.

BirdyArms Wed 11-Mar-09 08:43:33

I'm not so keen on the pink but like almost any other colour. Have red and silver leather myself. I need my usual size but find them slightly on the narrow side, can't wear very thick socks with them.

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:43:41

Im the same age as you Riven ... and looking at your profile like most of the same sad 80s music and films! and have a dp who supports Newcastle ... you have my sympathy!

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:44:30

that is good to know daisybaby ... I always used to be a 4 but my feet seemed to grow when I was pregnant (very strange) so am usually a 4.5 now!

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:45:15

Riven, neither am I...

I think with things like converse's you have to stick to fairly classic colours, navy, black, red, white. The shocking pink is not nice, neither is the flourescent green. Having said that I quite like the khaki ones or the grey and yellow ones.

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:46:43

Message withdrawn

HeadFairy Wed 11-Mar-09 08:48:28

I wouldn't wear them with a skirt either, but then I have lumpy calves and they'd make my legs look stumpy. However if I was leggy and slimmer I'd wear them in the summer with a denim mini and a carefree smile

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:49:20

Message withdrawn

southeastastra Wed 11-Mar-09 08:49:43

they make your feet squelch grin or mine anyway

dp had the pink ones when i first met him grin

bitofadramaqueen Wed 11-Mar-09 08:50:07

The navy ones go with just about everything I think. Although I have the khaki ones and they're a fairly good all purpose colour. I have got some black leather ones that I got in NYC and they're fab.

sarah293 Wed 11-Mar-09 08:50:15

Message withdrawn

bodiddly Wed 11-Mar-09 08:50:32

sorry Riven I didnt mean you I meant Head Fairy! I think I am losing my mind at the moment.

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