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peccsa' wedding shoes

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cod Sat 16-Apr-05 13:39:04

Message withdrawn

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 13:39:48

how much is she planning to spend - where thread?

Peckarollover Sat 16-Apr-05 13:40:11

yes but arent all the details like shoes all about how they make you feel

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 13:41:27

well I bought mine from lk bennett - they weren't actually wedding shoes but very like - the wedding shoes they did wear £100 more expensive than the non wedding shoes

cod Sat 16-Apr-05 13:44:00

Message withdrawn

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 13:44:04

they did peep out at the bottom. looked pretty but were bloody uncomfortable

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 13:44:16


Peckarollover Sat 16-Apr-05 13:45:11

I'm coveting some Jimmy Choos

cod Sat 16-Apr-05 13:46:08

Message withdrawn

cod Sat 16-Apr-05 13:56:05

Message withdrawn

Blossomhill Sat 16-Apr-05 13:57:06

BHS do lovely ones

cod Sat 16-Apr-05 14:03:20

Message withdrawn

mummytosteven Sat 16-Apr-05 14:07:13

but you just need a nice pair of high heels for that pr, not jimmy choos.

or monsoon would probably do nice ones.

cod Sat 16-Apr-05 14:07:41

Message withdrawn

cod Sat 16-Apr-05 18:04:03

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Sat 16-Apr-05 18:05:50

only if you'll wear them again peck

cod Sat 16-Apr-05 18:06:59

Message withdrawn

Peckarollover Sat 16-Apr-05 18:11:51

Cod, the monsoon ones are dearer than the ones i wanted fromn Dune. Does that mean Im allowed them now

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 19:59:26

well mine cost £100 and got ruined but who cares, you only get married once

flamesparrow Sat 16-Apr-05 20:00:55

£100 for shoes?????????????? RUINED shoes?????????????????

marthamoo Sat 16-Apr-05 20:02:17

Heehee, I got my wedding shoes in Asda and they were reduced! Strangely enough I put them in a charity bag last week.

flamesparrow Sat 16-Apr-05 20:03:07

Mine were £35 but I plan to sparkle my way through the summer in them too

Enid Sat 16-Apr-05 20:03:59

yep. I spent a fortune on the entire outfit.

Peckarollover Mon 18-Apr-05 16:10:50

Mum, Mum are you there

I got my shoes today and they were from BHS for bargain £40!

Blossomhill Mon 18-Apr-05 16:11:25

Wow Pecka, you took my advice

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