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Style me please! need a nice top/dress for a night out with friends?

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katsing Thu 05-Mar-09 20:58:42

I've been reading this board for a while and took some tips from it, now I need the big guns. I'm meeting some friends from abroad who I haven't seen for three years. We're going to a pub for a night out. Want to wear something stylish and not "mumsy" iyswim - and avoid going all black which I probably will do if I don't find anything.

I got myself a pair of jeans which fit well. Unfortunately am a size 14 on top (modest norkage) and 16 at the bottom which doesn't help at all with trying dresses. Also have a fat magnet in my belly, making me an apple shape.
One plus point is that I have good legs.
I'm brunette with green eyes.Sallow pale skin (NW20 in MAC foundation).
Big task I'm afraid grin
Thanks for any help.

Penthesileia Thu 05-Mar-09 21:19:03


An A-line mini-dress would suit you, I think. Especially if it were cut empire-line style under the bust: would skim over your tummy and bottom, and also show off your lovely pins.

Green eyes - ooooohhhhh, I'm envy!!!

Penthesileia Thu 05-Mar-09 21:20:47

For instance...

Penthesileia Thu 05-Mar-09 21:23:30

This is nice too.

samsonara Thu 05-Mar-09 21:35:31

Do like the first one Penthesileia linked, if you are tallish they have the same one in a lovely purple colour. Or what about a tunic top
that's a bit gathered to hide everthing and give a nod towards the fashion of grecian pleats and gathers that are in at the moment. It would look nice with jeans or a short skirt to show off your legs and a nice jacket or coat and some a pendant necklace.

katsing Thu 05-Mar-09 21:37:06

Midrange budget, I'd say, up to 100 pounds but not net-a-porter type prices! Love both of those - not sure about the length of the tunic, I'm 37 and can't do too short anymore!

Penthesileia Thu 05-Mar-09 21:41:35

The first dress I posted looks as if it is just-above-knee length. As samsonara says, they do it in purple which is lovely.

samsonara Thu 05-Mar-09 21:48:13

looks more purple here for some reason

katsing Thu 05-Mar-09 21:51:13

It does look like a good length. Hope they have it in stock in the shop so I can try it on, if not I'll cross my fingers and order online.

Penthesileia Thu 05-Mar-09 21:57:04

These shoes are cute.

Penthesileia Thu 05-Mar-09 21:58:00

And depending on how you feel the dress looks, Boots do some nice tights in teal, which might go with the purple (I like purple dresses with teal tights, myself! smile).

katsing Thu 05-Mar-09 22:07:45

Boots sell coloured tights? I never knew! Things like this is why I love this board grin

Penthesileia Thu 05-Mar-09 22:09:49


Not a spectacularly wide range (at least, not in my local Boots), but in teal, purple, and pink. They're pretty good, and I've not managed to put a hole in them yet, which is a miracle!

katsing Thu 05-Mar-09 22:13:22

Wonder whether they'd be able to withstand my son pinching them to see why mummy's legs are that colour

Penthesileia Thu 05-Mar-09 22:18:56


My DD's (9mo) fingernails are like razors too! Mostly it's my nose (which she likes to play with when bf-ing hmm) which suffers.

katsing Thu 05-Mar-09 22:22:10


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