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Can I ask about 1st Communion dresses please?

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dizzymac Sun 01-Mar-09 17:34:33

DD will make her 1st Communion in May and I am tearing my hair out, trying to find a white, COTTON, dress ( I know I'm shouting but it proving a near impossible task)

I have found one in Monsoon which is nice, but has a difficult to remove "thing" on it. Vertbaudet have some but they are too plain.


can anyone help me find a pretty, not TOO plain, white (not ivory) cotton dress suitable for a very special occasion.


MitchyInge Sun 01-Mar-09 17:37:37

are any of these any good?

dizzymac Sun 01-Mar-09 17:39:45

Thank you. I've looked there and they are all satiny and I really would like cotton.

MitchyInge Sun 01-Mar-09 17:43:06

oh yes you did say cotton! blush

dizzymac Sun 01-Mar-09 17:44:33

It's not a problem. thanks for your help. Like I said it is proving a VERY large task. I thought the combined skills of mumsnet might be able to help.
A small website I have never heard of maybe?

skramble Sun 01-Mar-09 17:44:50

Perhaps you could get one made up, all bridesmaid and communion dresses seem to be silk or satin. Might be easier to find a local seamstress and get just the design you want too.

dizzymac Sun 01-Mar-09 17:48:59

I had thought of that. I just wanted to have a bigger look before I go down that route.

dizzymac Sun 01-Mar-09 17:56:13

Monsoon have put up a lovely white linen one in their New section. It might be the one!!

springdaffs Sun 01-Mar-09 18:04:45

The religion/sprirituality area had a really helpful threads on First Holy Communion Dresses - I think there was one Jan/Feb

dizzymac Sun 01-Mar-09 18:06:10

Thank you

AccidentalMum Sun 01-Mar-09 18:17:56

Half way down this page on the right?

AccidentalMum Sun 01-Mar-09 18:18:57

Too casual?

christywhisty Sun 01-Mar-09 18:38:27

How about this cotton poplin communion dress

georgiemum Sun 01-Mar-09 18:41:58

M&S do pretty ones now

christywhisty Sun 01-Mar-09 18:45:04

this is pretty

dizzymac Sun 01-Mar-09 19:05:50

CW they are beautiful. I will definitely look at that 2nd one. It says out of stock but I can try..

Accidental mum they are lovely, though maybe a little plain ( I am fussier than I thoughtgrin) DD is also only a small 7 year old.

AccidentalMum Sun 01-Mar-09 19:24:33

CW, those are very pretty.

There is a brand called Simonetta that always has beautiful white dresses in Junior Magazine but I couldn't find a decent stockist. Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren Kids stuff is often in that style too smile.

My mum cut down her wedding dress for me to was beautiful.

christywhisty Sun 01-Mar-09 19:25:53

it does say they can order but it takes 6-8 weeks, so you should have enough time.

LynetteScavo Sun 01-Mar-09 19:29:27

I found a really georgous one on etsy - it would come from the US, but I think they can make to your measurements. I didn't buy it as I was just looking for 4 years time! blush

If I find a link I'll post it.

LynetteScavo Sun 01-Mar-09 19:33:47

I like this but maybe too plain?

dizzymac Sun 01-Mar-09 19:52:13

Lynette Scavo that is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately it is also eyewateringly expensive.
I have been looking for years too but now I have come to the crunch I am finding that I am far too picky grin

katsing Mon 02-Mar-09 10:21:51

Help! I have my daughter going for her first holy communion this spring as well. I bought her a dress from M&S, it's satiny so not cotton. I am worrying now because it is not exactly white, it's an ivory colour. Would this be okay? I wouldn't want her to be the only one wearing ivory in a sea of white. I still have enough time to exchange it so if anyone with some experience of this can answer me it'd put my mind at rest.

Madsometimes Mon 02-Mar-09 10:42:33

I am fairly sure my dd's dress was slightly off white. I got hers from Debenhams and she looked lovely. Some of the girls at her communion were wearing either off the shoulder or even strapless dresses, which were a little hmm. It is not whether a dress is vibrant white or slightly ivory that is significant. IMO it is more important that your dd looks like a child and is thrilled with her special day.

PlumBumMum Mon 02-Mar-09 10:47:09

I've got my dds communion, I traweled the internet, so will have a look on some of the sites for cotton, i put alot of links on a thread in January, can't remember what it was called

PlumBumMum Mon 02-Mar-09 10:53:55

Why cotton? Has she an allergy just had alook at sites I had been on can't seem to see any cotton

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