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Pretty Cardigan Help!!!

(10 Posts)
flamesparrow Thu 14-Apr-05 16:07:36

My DD is being bridesmaid at my wedding in May, and is wearing this dress little blonde girl

I am looking for a white/cream pretty cardigan to go with it size 18-24 months, or even 2-3, but it seems all toddlers must freeze this year!! The one on the Next site looks a bit odd with that dress, but it could just be the photo.

I can find in BHS ones up to 18 months, and ones starting at 3... don't really want to roll the sleeves back

Anyone got any bright ideas for pretty ones? You can get plain white cotton in about 2 places I've looked, but not very weddingy...

Probably just being too picky!! Will go and look at the next one too, just to check the colour in rl, but any suggestions would be great

TinyGang Thu 14-Apr-05 16:28:58

What a lovely little dress

Just an idea, but if you know someone who is clever at knitting or crocheting, perhaps they could make a pretty (more lacy?) one for you in a fine wool with some pretty buttons of your choice.

Or you could get a plain white one and sew on some little rosebuds and change the buttons for something nicer. Haberdashery depts are great for little pretty things like that.

Failing that, any sites/shops specialising in christening wear might have some. Also Verbaudet too are good.

aloha Thu 14-Apr-05 16:29:42


bossykate Thu 14-Apr-05 16:38:23

how about this one from monsoon ?

bossykate Thu 14-Apr-05 16:39:24

gah! must be frames based. click through to baby girl bridesmaid...

jangly Thu 14-Apr-05 16:42:39

I'd go with the Next one tbh. Trust the professionals.

jangly Thu 14-Apr-05 16:44:12

I mean they've designed them to go together haven't they.

psychomum5 Thu 14-Apr-05 16:45:59

Will go down to Next and check it out tomorrow... it could just be the picture makes it look strange

psychomum5 Thu 14-Apr-05 16:46:36

That was Flame ... gotta stop doing that!!

flamesparrow Thu 14-Apr-05 22:10:33

Found one......


Never would have thought it, lovely though

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