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Shallowly seeking the Ultimate Mascara

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Coldtits Sun 22-Feb-09 13:58:45

I want length. With curl, and no clumping, and thicker lashes, but more than that - I want length.

What is the Very Best mascara for my (admittedly high) needs?

bodiddly Sun 22-Feb-09 18:53:49

I am going to watch this thread as I need to know the answer to this question too .. but I need mine to be waterproof as hayfever season is fast approaching!

glitteryprincess Sun 22-Feb-09 19:03:57

Lancome Hypnose does all you want.

poshtottie Sun 22-Feb-09 19:46:45

I really like chanel but dior do very nice mascaras too.

I did buy "turbolash" by estee lauder yesterday. £27.40 blush not sure its worth it. It vibrates!!

cornsilk Sun 22-Feb-09 19:47:42

I find that hypnose starts to clump very quickly.

cornsilk Sun 22-Feb-09 19:48:08

Which is the nice dior mascara?

mosschops30 Sun 22-Feb-09 19:50:33

YSL Faux Cils extreme length. I bought it for special occasions, but have taken to wearing it every day now because i love it so much and everything else pales into insignificance

poshtottie Sun 22-Feb-09 19:52:19

My sister is a beauty therapist and says the maxfactor masterpiece is a good one in the cheaper range.

TheyCallMeStacey Sun 22-Feb-09 19:52:26

Best one i've tried is Benefit Bad Girl Lash or something ridiculous like that! No clumps, really lovely to use, by far the best.

poshtottie Sun 22-Feb-09 19:55:37

cornsilk, "diorshow" Instyle mag rated it best mascara.

TomNook Sun 22-Feb-09 19:56:26

yes to dior show
fab brush

jimmyjammys Sun 22-Feb-09 23:16:20

I have Dior iconic - love it. Did have the YSL but found it went very clumpy quickly. Otherwise the Loreal ones are fab for the cheaper range.

cornsilk Mon 23-Feb-09 12:07:48

Which dior one then - Dior show or iconic?

cornsilk Mon 23-Feb-09 12:09:05

Although I don't need one yet as I have a lovely unopened prescriptives one (yay!) but I need to get this clear in my head for future frivolous purchases.

MadameCastafiore Mon 23-Feb-09 12:10:40

Estee Lauder Lash XL or Sumptuous are fab.

Ladyface Thu 26-Feb-09 20:50:13

Benefit Bad Gal for me. Also, No 7 is good and doesn't smudge.

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