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Long hair ruined - rescue ideas please

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mum56 Sun 22-Feb-09 09:46:09

Took my student daughter, who sees her long hair as her only beauty, to the hair dresser. While mine was being washed, hairdresser razored hers into a flimsy veil and she has spent the night howling. What can I do?

JackieNo Sun 22-Feb-09 09:51:23

Oh dear, poor her sad. I guess you have 2 options - persuade her it's not as bad as she thinks (find pics of celebrities with similar hairstyles?) or invest in extensions (presumably v expensive). Oh, and I hope you made her horror of what had happened clear to the hairdresser.

Penthesileia Sun 22-Feb-09 09:51:56

You mean that the hairdresser thinned it out?


There's not much you can do, I'm afraid, except wait for it to grow again.

The best thing to do now is to keep it in as good a condition as possible in order to avoid hair-cuts long enough for it to grow out again.

Oiling one's hair leaves it in nice condition: solid coconut oil - a fingernail size amount warmed and melted in your hands - rubbed gently into the hair keeps it shiny and soft. You can buy it from health food shops. Do this the night before washing (leave in overnight) and then wash as normal.

Try to encourage your DD not to overstyle or overload her hair with products: this will allow it to go longer without washing (and thus drying) and therefore put her hair under less stress. Definitely suggest that she go easy on hairdrying and heat-styling, if possible.

I wash my hair once a week (unless I've done some strenuous activity or swimming), and I haven't had a haircut for over 8 months, and I don't have any split ends. I put it down to leaving my hair pretty much alone, IYSWIM.

I'm sorry for your DD. A bad haircut is really devastating. I know there's a lot wrong in the world, and hair isn't that big a deal: but when it happens, you do feel terrible.

belgo Sun 22-Feb-09 09:53:11

what did the hairdressor do exactly? I would take photos and go back and complain. You might be able to get compensation.

oregonianabroad Sun 22-Feb-09 09:56:33

She can wear it in a half up style, which I think is quite fetching. Try a french plait, or an inside out french plait, and then leave the bottom down over the shoulders to give the illusion of length.

Alternatively, convince her to go for an even shorter cut as a bold experiment until it all grows out again. Might be the thing that gets her loads of attention, a really big change, you never know.

Poor thing, I do sympathise.

starbear Sun 22-Feb-09 10:06:52

Everyone in there life must have a bad hair story from their youth. If she doesn't, how can she join in the future?
Some fun ideas
1. Ask her to dress up in her most trendy clothes and you'll take photo to save for her future self to giggle at.
2. have a girls tea party with only best friends (2-3) and make it a bad taste clothes party Take photos.
3. have a hairdressing party and let her and a friend do wild things to their hair (without of course scissors or strong chemicals.)
You should have seen what I did to my sister in 1980's Bright orange my dad went mad and so did the school blush She still loves me.
I would complain to the hairdresses

mileniwmffalcon Sun 22-Feb-09 11:18:35

i had something like this recently - my hair's about half way down my back and i emphasised to my hairdresser that i wanted to keep it long. what she did was put a heavy short layer in the top and leave the rest long, kind of half and half, i've seen a few fashionable types with something similar lately so it must be current. anyway, it looked great down, but meant i couldn't actually put it back in a bun the way i normally do, the top layer was too short. and it looked like crap in a plait cos all the short ends stuck out and there wasn't enough hair at the bottom. i wear my hair up 90% of the time so this was a big deal.

i actually made an appointment to go back and have it all cut short. i'm really not precious about my hair and i'm happy to experiment with cut colour, before i grew it long i'd never have the same style twice. but to cut long hair short is a decision that i should have made, i shouldn't have it forced on me by a hairdresser.

in the end i spent a bit of time on youtube and found a couple of ways to put it up that would do while i was waiting for the layers to grow a bit longer (this was about 6 months ago, it's just about long enough to go back in a bun now, or i use clips). i really didn't want to have it all cut off. and it did look a lot better down, so i wear it down more often now.

sorry for epic tale. i would suggest a) playing around with it and seeing if she can find new ways to wear it, and failing that b) go back to hairdressers and insist they fix it. personally i think short hair looks much more stylish than long, and i always got loads of compliments when i had different short cuts. it's also much more fashionable to go short. do they still have those hairstyle mags? or the web equivalent, look at it as a fresh new start.

but make sure you get it for free and make sure the hairdresser doesn't mess it up, choose something suitable for her face shape/hair type and take a picture in to show the hairdresser.

mum56 Sun 22-Feb-09 11:26:04

yes he did and there is nothing much left

Starbear Sun 22-Feb-09 20:11:08

Sorry I didn't read student DD. I went to Vidal Sassoon Academy when I was about 19 yrs. I said a boyish cut and she razored the sides, dyed the top copper, did a little fringe at the front & a Kajagoo rat tail in the nap of my neck! What a terrible year! Do I have any evidence No which is a real sham because I would love to show you all now smile

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