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Radley-type bags without the price (or dog) tag?

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Habbibu Thu 19-Feb-09 14:50:11

Any ideas? My sister likes the style of Radley bags, but isn't so much of a label queen (any more!) as to want the real deal - i'd like to get her a nice bag for her birthday that isn't quite as painfully priced. Cross-body, ideally. Thank you!

Monkeygi Thu 19-Feb-09 14:55:37

I got a brown cross body bag, v similar to a Radley, from John Lewis. I think it was about £35. Also, MIL got me a black similar from (I think) M & S.

Try Debenhams, too. They seem to have a good bag selection.

Habbibu Thu 19-Feb-09 16:28:19

Thanks - any other ideas while I look at Monkey's?

lizandlulu Thu 19-Feb-09 17:41:18

ry t k maxx, they have a good selection of all sorts of bags and are well pricedsmile

bluesky Thu 19-Feb-09 21:43:43

also recommend John Lewis. Very similar to Radley.

Habbibu Thu 19-Feb-09 21:48:26

Thanks, all.

duvetheaven Fri 20-Feb-09 12:17:57

Are ghd's still the best straighteners? broke mine this morn by standing on them sad

duvetheaven Fri 20-Feb-09 12:19:59

sorry about that meant to start new thread but due to sleeping babt in other arm doing everything 1 handed!

mamadiva Fri 20-Feb-09 12:28:14

Duvet - I believe people still class them as the best but I've never seen why TBH. I swear by Remington straighteners have done for years as does my mum. I had GHD's and they just seemed to do bugger all and you save a small fortune buying Remington.

TKMaxx have lovely bags sometimes, our local shoeshop dos gorgeous bags for about £25-£50 depending on budget it's just a small local business though but might be worth looking in some around your area if you have them?

CrackerNut Fri 20-Feb-09 12:30:48

Agree with mamdiva about the straightners. I had loads of cheap pairs and then got some GHD's and they were rubbish and lasted a couple of months.

I now have Remington ones and they are brilliant.

AxisofEvil Fri 20-Feb-09 12:37:00

You can sometimes get Radley bags in TK Maxx for c60% off.

kettlechip Fri 20-Feb-09 14:09:38

can you? Am off to TK Maxx now!

Try Debenhams for Radley style bags, they have them for about £25.

I do think Radley bags justify their price tag though, the quality of the leather is great. I don't have my dog tag on show or buy the patterned ones as I hate obvious labels on things.

BikeRunSki Fri 20-Feb-09 22:04:26

Back to bags, have seen Radley type bags in Clarks.

Habbibu Sun 22-Feb-09 16:32:07

Thanks, all. went for John Lewis in the end.

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