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Where can I buy a trendy boys coat online please?

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WideWebWitch Tue 12-Apr-05 14:56:27

Ds is 7yo and needs a new coat. He and his father went to Next and M&S at the weekend but no joy. We had a quick look in Asda yesterday, also no joy. Any suggestions online? He is fussy so it must be trendy ish looking, he likes that surfy type stuff in tops. any suggestions welcome TIA.

JanH Tue 12-Apr-05 15:00:50

TK Maxx, www? They have quite a bit of surfy stuff (Quiksilver etc) and they do have coats...what about sporty labels like Adidas/Nike? Matalan have quite a lot of that.

Coats are difficult. DS2 always has to be manhandled into his (Men don't wear coats! )

Cha Tue 12-Apr-05 15:13:22

What about ? Or ? Not amazingly cheap but often truly fab clothes. Girls are, anyway...

bundle Tue 12-Apr-05 15:14:25

hennes sometimes have some nice stuff

JanH Tue 12-Apr-05 15:14:29

I just checked out vertbaudet and jako-o (forgot about Boden) - they have almost nothing. Boys' clothes are hard (and get harder as they get older and pickier!)

JanH Tue 12-Apr-05 15:15:13

Ooh, good idea bundle - hennes has lots of skatey stuff (DS2 doesn't like it so no use for us).

WideWebWitch Tue 12-Apr-05 16:47:17

Thanks, Hennes site isn't loading properly and won't let me look, I'll have a look at the others in a minute. Janh, you're right, he only wears it because school won't let him go outside without one.

beachyhead Tue 12-Apr-05 17:27:14

TK Maxx is better than H&M - imo.....bit of a scrum though

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