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Have just bought this dress for a wedding.What to wear with it?

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bigspender30 Thu 19-Feb-09 10:17:29

Help me o wise ones!,-BNWT,-RP-%A3160_W0QQitemZ390031732632QQcmdZVie wItemQQimsxZ20090217?IMSfp=TL0902171110002r15503

This is the only pic I could find in Google but you get the idea

mrsmaidamess Thu 19-Feb-09 10:26:58

Thats a bold colour! Lovely! I would go for equally bold contrasting cardi/little jacket and matching shoes I reckon. Bold plain colours are vay 'in'.

bigspender30 Thu 19-Feb-09 10:28:20

Thanks. What colour would you suggest?

pixiemoon Thu 19-Feb-09 18:43:05

I wore v similar dress (same colour & length) to a wedding last summer
wore it with bright purple heels (cross-strapped sandal style) and scarf and purple tiny clutch bag with pink/green embroidery, hair up with purple silk flowers in it.

maybe sounds a bit OTT written down but honest it was lovely!

bigspender30 Fri 20-Feb-09 09:06:49

oh that does sound lovely pixiemoon.Was it light or dark purple? I need to watch what shades of purple i wear though as I have red hair

Rubyrubyruby Fri 20-Feb-09 09:17:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MamacitaGordita Fri 20-Feb-09 13:05:59

Oh I think people with red hair look amazing in purples- a nice deep one here for the cardi/bolero. I wouldn't go too matchy with the purple accessories though- I am a huge fan of gold shoes (gold goes with everything)which I think could work well with green and purple.

I really love the hem on your dress!

bigspender30 Fri 20-Feb-09 14:28:58

thank you! I think gold would be a good option. Or maybe a mid blue....hmmm..........will have a think

Alibobster Tue 24-Feb-09 20:55:59

Lovely dress - silver shoes I would go for

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