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Where can I get some tights almost thick as leggings???

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Blossomhill Wed 18-Feb-09 21:57:27

Have found a lovely dress but it's quite short and even 60 denier tights seems a bit too much. Was wondering if they do any tights almost as thick as leggings??? Thanks

Mum1369 Wed 18-Feb-09 22:22:20

I had the same problem - v.short skirt that I can't really wear. Found a pair of thick tights in M&S - they are like the woolly ones I used to wear as a student (!) - they have a slight pattern but can wear then with short skirt without it looking too dodgy.

beanieb Wed 18-Feb-09 22:24:21

would you wear wool ones? I got some nice ones from tesco.

Blossomhill Wed 18-Feb-09 22:25:06

thank you! just looking on m & s and they have have cashmere tights, quite pricey at £9.50 but if they do the job. I remember those student tights very well....

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Wed 18-Feb-09 22:26:24

I have some 100 denier cotton opaques from John Lewis (their own brand £5). Also, try different brands with 60 denier. I find Wolford 60 denier are perfect - no see through at all and they do look like leggings.

cmotdibbler Wed 18-Feb-09 22:27:50

Levante do a 100 denier tights

Blossomhill Wed 18-Feb-09 22:27:55

beanie thank am going to tescos tomorrow will have a look.
trmjs ~ not got a jl nearby unfortunately but do you think Debenhams will do Wolford? thanks

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Wed 18-Feb-09 22:30:01

Pretty sure Debenhams stock them. You could also try any upmarket independent shops near you - we have a place on our high street that stocks Marc Jacobs, Armani etc.....I regularly stock up on Wolfords there

hoxtonchick Wed 18-Feb-09 22:33:06

i saw some 120 denier in topshop today.

dexter73 Thu 19-Feb-09 09:31:31

I remember someone posting once that they wore two pairs of tights when they wanted them to be really opaque. Not sure how comfortable that would be though!

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