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What would you call this style?

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LadyOfWaffle Tue 17-Feb-09 08:38:07


I am trying to track down a dress for a marriage blessing and I love this but a) it looks like it's going completely out of stock and b) it's for about a few months/ a years time so (fingers crossed) size 14 will be too big anyway. Besides I want to change bits to it to make it less wedding dress looking but have tried googling for ideas but I cannot find this style anywhere... Thankyou!

All I can think of is 'Pride and Prejudice-y' blush

RinkyDinkyPinky Tue 17-Feb-09 08:42:39

Empire line following the neo-classical style of c1820's.

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Tue 17-Feb-09 09:33:53

How about this from Monsoon? They have several in this style if you look in their bridal section. Don't like the Evans one, tbh. Doesn't look particularly flattering imo.

Ledodgy Tue 17-Feb-09 09:35:34

I think it's quite Grecian in style.

PuppyMonkey Tue 17-Feb-09 09:36:57

Regency style!

MrsBadger Tue 17-Feb-09 09:38:59

def Empire line

I like the sleeves on the Evans one

be aware this is very flattering to some shapes but not at all to others, besides which if you are hoping to lose weight your shape may change between now and then.
have you tried somehing similar on in real life?

LadyOfWaffle Tue 17-Feb-09 10:01:19

Thanks Not tried in RL - will do that closer to the time, just googling for now

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