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how old are the oldest jeans you wear? REALLY

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cod Mon 11-Apr-05 15:57:22

Message withdrawn

tortoiseshell Mon 11-Apr-05 15:58:00

5 years???? Mine only last 3 months before I go through at the knees! Dh too. Must be our carpets I think.

cod Mon 11-Apr-05 15:58:19

Message withdrawn

elsmommy Mon 11-Apr-05 16:00:05

I've had some miss sixty ones for 3 years, but I can't get into them since dd.
Mine always wear out now, must spend too much time on my knees!

nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 16:01:31

Why ??????????? can't afford new jeans and new undies

NomDePlume Mon 11-Apr-05 16:01:41

About 5 yaesr old but I haven't worn them for 3.5 years since I got pregnant. They're just so sexy and evocative that I can't part with them despite knowing that I'll never get my hips into them again.

PsychoFlame Mon 11-Apr-05 16:02:37

Since early pg for me, so about 3 years... But they were nicked off Psycho, so maybe 3 1/2

cod Mon 11-Apr-05 16:02:56

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Mon 11-Apr-05 16:03:34

Gawd, those jeans with long waists are horrendous.

nailpolish Mon 11-Apr-05 16:03:39

its the law - all jeans should be hipster type. no waist huggers

cod Mon 11-Apr-05 16:05:28

Message withdrawn

iota Mon 11-Apr-05 16:05:55

apparently boot cut are out, so drainpipes will be back soon

PsychoFlame Mon 11-Apr-05 16:06:15

You get frightening looking people in both though... either the bulging held in tummy in the nipple covering type, or the lovely bulge over the top of the hipsters (and the red thong with holes in on women who REALLY shouldn't be wearing them!!!)

You can tell I live in a classy area!

nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 16:06:42

Actually i do need new jeans.

FastasleepTheInsomniac Mon 11-Apr-05 16:07:38

My oldest jeans are from when I was 12, still love them! Although when I was 12 wasn't really that long ago lol! 6 years..

NomDePlume Mon 11-Apr-05 16:07:51

I'm toyig with the idea of crpooed jeans with long spindly boots. They look great on some and horribly fashion-victimy on others. I'm afraid I will fall into the second category

cod Mon 11-Apr-05 16:08:58

Message withdrawn

PsychoFlame Mon 11-Apr-05 16:09:42

My legs just look a really odd length in the cropped ones...


iota Mon 11-Apr-05 16:09:44

cod - not the British summer

NomDePlume Mon 11-Apr-05 16:09:49

Summer in the Midlands though, Coddy, hardly the French Riviera

cod Mon 11-Apr-05 16:10:12

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Mon 11-Apr-05 16:11:28


FastasleepTheInsomniac Mon 11-Apr-05 16:11:48

I'm so the girl with the hipster bulges

cod Mon 11-Apr-05 16:11:58

Message withdrawn

PsychoFlame Mon 11-Apr-05 16:12:56

I've got the hipster bulges too ... tend to wear longer tops to hide em a bit though.

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