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Does nice underwear really help you feel good ??

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nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 14:43:25

All of mine is crap, and although i have more important things to be thinking about, i fancy treating myself to some new stuff.

So does nice underwear really make you feel good ????

cod Mon 11-Apr-05 14:44:56

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 14:46:04

Yeah very true Cod.

Well shall i treat myself to some anyway ?????

Titania Mon 11-Apr-05 14:46:45

yes!! even if you feel frumpy in the outside it can make you feel heaps better. AND IT HAS TO MATCH!!! lol

nailpolish Mon 11-Apr-05 14:47:19


just go commando

kama Mon 11-Apr-05 14:48:15

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 14:48:51

Duno if i can be arsed to have it mathcing Titania

Nailpolish, don't like it, feels odd. Might have to try it again though

motherinferior Mon 11-Apr-05 14:49:25

Only if it's sufficiently slapperish, none of this matching white cotton pants'n'bra stuff.

nailpolish Mon 11-Apr-05 14:50:23

MI, my dh has a thing for virginal white, slapperish for me is for when i go out with the girls!

NomDePlume Mon 11-Apr-05 14:53:09

Yes it does for me.

Obviously it's not a cure for big stuff but it certainly helps to lift my spirits. These days you don't have to spend a fortune to get nice, tasteful but still sexy undies in nice fabrics.

nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 14:53:57

Right will start looking

NomDePlume Mon 11-Apr-05 14:55:53

I like La Senza for good choice, nice prices and great fit. They do a hugggggggggge array of sizes too, which is fab for us odd-sized peeps.

iota Mon 11-Apr-05 14:56:04

won't it make dp think you've got another man - or is that the idea?

nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 14:56:55

He already thinks that Iota.

nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 14:57:29

Thanks for that link NDP have never looked there before.

NomDePlume Mon 11-Apr-05 14:58:31

Much easier to swallow than the prices on figleaves et al, where £30 is the norm for a bra.

WideWebWitch Mon 11-Apr-05 14:58:52

It makes me feel good IF I've done a load of pampering too, like a long bath or shower from which I emerge with smooth legs, clean hair, decent eyebrows, body lotioned etc. And then putting on nice underwear adds to the whole feeling great thing. But nice pants alone might not make you happy!

wild Mon 11-Apr-05 14:59:11

I would prefer a nice lunch
or a nice sleep tbh

nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 15:01:55

Have never seen one of these before \link{}

nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 15:02:06


nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 15:03:18


NomDePlume Mon 11-Apr-05 15:03:34

cut and paste doesn't work with that url either !

NomDePlume Mon 11-Apr-05 15:04:10

Weird loking thing, that one.

kama Mon 11-Apr-05 15:07:01

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Mon 11-Apr-05 15:07:52

Think i'll have to be measured first, although different shops seem to fit different anyway.

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