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can anyone recommend fake tanning?

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dangirl Sun 10-Apr-05 20:47:20

I have never tried this but was thinking about it.
Is there a big difference between a profesional one and self applied? What is price of profesional one? and does that include the face as well?
Lots of questions I know
hugs, Dangirl xx

beansontoast Sun 10-Apr-05 21:12:29

i had a st tropez done once...and it was good,nice colour etc my friend did it so it was free.
the only down side for me was having to wash so thoroughly every day to make sure that it came off more of a quick splash down in the shower kinda girl
im not sure how much better the prof ones are to be honest

biglips Sun 10-Apr-05 21:14:55

my mum had bought the new Nivea body and facial spray (its in a yellow bottle) and it looks really good and it dried instantly too so you dont have to wait forever and a day to dry it out.

mcmum Sun 10-Apr-05 21:27:50

dangirl, I have had st tropez done at a salon it costs £25:00 for lotion or £35:00 for spray , personally i preferred the lotion as spray brought on an asthmatic attack ! or if you go to house of frazer on boots u can get a travel st tropez pack which includes exfoliator, moisturiser and tan and cost £10, u do it yourself and would need to buy plastic gloves i used latex free from boots cost 1.99 for 10 pairs have bath, exfoliate then put gloves on and mix tan with moisturisr then apply wait til dry u will look like stick of mud so advise to go straight to bed after then shower off in the morning ! i have used lots of self tans as cant use sunbeds and this is definately the best for me, takes about 30 mins to do self of 1 hour at a salon ,i normally do my own but once evry three months treat myself to salon . have fun

dangirl Sun 10-Apr-05 22:33:03

thanks all for the quick responses.
mcmum, do you go to bed with the stuff on? will it not stain the bedding?

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