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urgent work clothes dilemma - can only wear flat shoes and the only pair I have are red!

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twofalls Wed 11-Feb-09 19:29:45

I broke my leg recently and although the cast is off and I am walking with crutches. therefore, can only wear flat shoes. i only have a red pair and because I am a shortarse, my trousers are too long for flats. I have a black pencil skirt. Will that do? What should I wear with it? Am a loss because I am normally a long trousers and heels girl.

I am running a training course so will be "on show"

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Wed 11-Feb-09 19:35:58

How about black top with black opaques, pencil skirt and red shoes? (what style are the shoes btw?)

Isitjustme2 Wed 11-Feb-09 19:36:55

Pencil skirt and red flats sound fab. Maybe with opaque tights too. Have you got a black shirt, or black top to go with - then you could do subtle matt red lipstick, or a more of a statement necklace so the main outfit is plain but with statements at either end if that makes sense!

twofalls Wed 11-Feb-09 19:45:48

I do have black opaques and a black top. they are ballerina pumps.

Do you think that would work?

twofalls Wed 11-Feb-09 19:48:10

Of course you think it would work - otherwise you wouldn't have suggested it blush

Oh, and have a really nice belt I bought in the sale - black with a silver clasp. that might work with it too.

I never wear skirsts, and I never wear flats to work either as I am only 5ft and my co-trainer is 6ft 1!

twofalls Wed 11-Feb-09 20:07:16

thank you, just tried it on and it looked quite nice smile

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Wed 11-Feb-09 20:08:31

Fab twofalls

Isitjustme2 Wed 11-Feb-09 21:41:21

Great - I'm jealous you have a reason to get "dressed up" during the week! smile Says me in my leggings and fluffy slippers!

twofalls Thu 12-Feb-09 18:13:33

just got back and anxious to get back into leggings and fluffy slipper grin. Haven;t worn anything else really last 6 weeks due to broken leg so feel a bit trussed up.

Thanks for the advice. whilst I felt short, I felt presentable grin

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