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How to get "bobbles" off woolens?!

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aandme Tue 10-Feb-09 10:46:29

I have brought a lovely new angora mix cardi and worn it only a few times - it has bobbles under the arms/boob area hmm - whats the best way to get them off. I am sure I have heard of some type of tool for doing it?!

dexter73 Tue 10-Feb-09 10:58:13

You need one of these.

Sherbert37 Tue 10-Feb-09 11:08:56

John Lewis sell that too. Product code 82230510 available online with free delivery.

aandme Tue 10-Feb-09 11:11:32

FAB - thanks grin

Lionstar Tue 10-Feb-09 11:12:15

I had one similar to the one dexter linked and it just wasn't up to the job (and smelt of burning when used for more than a minute). Robert Dyas are doing a slightly more robust one called 'Bobble Off' which I've had better sucess with. About £5 too.

muffle Tue 10-Feb-09 11:14:42

I have that John Lewis tool, it's not great tbh. It just doesn't catch most of the bobbles, especially larger ones. I recently got a special bobble grabber from the dry cleaning shop - it's like a handle with a rough pad attached that the bobbles cling to, and it's a bit better. But most effective is a normal plastic comb - lie the woolly flat, on a firm surface and hold the comb flat and scrape the bobbles off.

samsonara Tue 10-Feb-09 11:20:50

be careful with the defuzzer, it can ruin your woolen item, I find the best way is the sticky tape way

WowOoo Tue 10-Feb-09 11:23:10

I just use a razor very carefully.
Did a jumper yesterday and looks better.

Ruby2shoes Tue 10-Feb-09 15:59:53

I shave mine with a razor too!
DP gave me a very funny hmm first time he saw me doing it!

Frasersmum123 Tue 10-Feb-09 17:18:36

Another one who shaves with a razor!

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