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Eye Cream

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sazzerbear Sat 07-Feb-09 08:53:13

Since having a baby, the circles/bags under my eyes have got considerably worse (no surprise, I know!). They look particularly puffy in the morning - any tips for reasonably priced eye cream? tia

sazzerbear Sat 07-Feb-09 14:04:29


ilovemydogandMrObama Sat 07-Feb-09 14:06:14

Think I heard about one that makes sleep deprived women, because it's almost never men who are sleep deprived, look as if they've had 8 hours?

Seriously. Just not sure what it's called.

policywonk Sat 07-Feb-09 14:08:11

Isn't that the Guerlain one - Midnight Secret? But it's not an eye cream, it's a face cream I think.

I too suffer from puffy eyes. I look awful under an overhead light - like a relief map of the South Downs or something. Pile cream is supposed to do the trick but I can't imagine it's good for the skin.

LoveMyLapTop Sat 07-Feb-09 14:09:27

I have yet to find an eyye cream that does what it says on the tin!

Tillyscoutsmum Sat 07-Feb-09 14:13:13

I've never found a miracle eye cream - there are a couple which improve things slightly - the Anew one by Avon is fairly reasonable for the price, as is the Bodyshop Vit E one.

Milk Thistle supplements and drinking lots of water are the best thing for dark circles ime

LoveMyLapTop Sat 07-Feb-09 14:30:44

The body shop eye cream made my eyes sore

sazzerbear Sat 07-Feb-09 14:39:43

Thanks guys!

monkeysmama Sat 07-Feb-09 15:53:54

"A perfect World for Eyes" by Origins is quite good and feels really nice when you put it on. It doesn't work magic though sad

I don't reccomend the Clarins Beauty Flash balm for eyes at all - I bought it after some rave reviews (and I love the regular beauty flash) but it is not worth the money!

christiana Sat 07-Feb-09 16:04:01

Message withdrawn

watsthestory Sat 07-Feb-09 16:05:39

Message withdrawn

peachface Sat 07-Feb-09 16:11:40

Liz Earle's Daily Eye Repair SPF 10 eye cream is amazing - it actually works - you can feel the difference and SEE the difference (fresher looking skin, reduced wrinkles)! John Lewis stores stock it or you can buy online from her website. Her stuff is amazing! (No I don't work for her company but I do use her products and they are very good!)

christiana Sat 07-Feb-09 16:15:52

Message withdrawn

LoveMyLapTop Sat 07-Feb-09 16:17:37

See I didnt think the Liz Ealre eye cream did any good at all.
I am still looking for one that makes a diference

sazzerbear Sat 07-Feb-09 16:29:05

Thanks Peachface, I use some of Liz's stuff so will investigate!

peachface Sat 07-Feb-09 17:13:39

I still maintain Liz Earle's stuff is excellent. I use her eye cream and her cleanse and polish regime and the moisturizer and my skin has never looked so radiant! I have told friends about it too and they're now rivals for the best skin on the block! hahaha!! Bought my mother the eye cream for Christmas (she wanted eye cream, I wasn't being tactless!!) and she has raved about it ever since. She's in her 60s, I'm mid-30s.

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