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Pitted skin.

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oneyummymummy Sun 01-Feb-09 11:52:38

Can anyone help me please.

I have pitted (orange peel) like skin on forhead, around my nose and on my chin. I have tried to wash my face with exfoliating wash, but if I look close I can see pitted (holey) skin. How can I get rid of it?

lilacclaire Sun 01-Feb-09 15:11:15

IPL I think is your only option, if it isn't too bad then perhaps microdermabrasion, but in my experience it doesn't really do much apart from give you smooth skin temporarily.

GladYouNuttersAreTheMinority Sun 01-Feb-09 16:59:16

Is this the same as 'open pores'?
The pores down the side of my nose onto my cheeks are extremely prominent, so much so that I can see concentrations of foundation/tinted moisturiser in them just after I apply it.
Would IPL help with this? What is IPL anyway?
I had a facial a few years ago (!) and the beautician said there was nothing that could be done to close pores once they were open. I hate it! sad

oneyummymummy Sun 01-Feb-09 17:20:33

What is IPL? sad shock about the beautician saying nothing can be done!

I thought there might be something that could be done?

It is open pores, but they seem very large pores!

BonsoirAnna Sun 01-Feb-09 17:27:07

You should consult a cosmetic dermatologist.

lilacclaire Sun 01-Feb-09 17:56:16

IPL is a laser, google it, very useful for all sorts of skin conditions.
A facial peel would also work, but its a bit extreme for recovery etc.

GladYouNuttersAreTheMinority Sun 01-Feb-09 19:30:16

OYM - you mean you think yours are large?

I reckon I could park my Zafira in mine on a bad day. This thing with the foundation/tinted moisturiser has been going on for about 3 months and it's just horrible. Doesn't matter whether I'm using a £30 one or a Superdrug special. Horrible.

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