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I am 6 weeks postnatal, look grim, have no clothes and £50 to spend in Next

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TheProvincialLady Fri 30-Jan-09 17:47:33

What would you advise me to buy? I was given £50 Next vouchers at Christmas but have no idea what to buy, or whether to wait a while. I am too small for maternity clothes and most of my normal clothes fit but look awful.

I am 5'2", size 6 and normally have biggish boobs, but they are currently a BFtastic 30Gshock I look awful. My tummy is not too bad (have Spanxwink) but I look so out of proportion. And haggard. I have blonde hair, grey eyes and pale skin. I normally suit browns and pinks.

Anyone want to be my personal shopper? Please?!

BonsoirAnna Fri 30-Jan-09 17:51:50

The fashions for S/S 09 are gorgeous and bright. You could buy some lovely bright leggings and a fairly loose dress/tunic that will cope with your current 30G and also when they shrink a bit.

TheProvincialLady Fri 30-Jan-09 17:56:07

I was a bit shocked to read your suggestion of leggings but with a tunic I guess they could work. My lower legs are good but above the knee is a bit iffy at the moment.

DoThisDoThat Fri 30-Jan-09 17:56:26

Hiya, congratulations on your new baby.

V jealous you are back to size 6 and a 30G.

As for new clothes, how about some high waisted jeans and a tunic top. I got both of these from next after DS3 and felt so much better. A00. The drawstring top by next is also really nice.

To be honest, until you feel you are back in shape, just concentrate on your hair and make up as much as you can.

TheProvincialLady Fri 30-Jan-09 18:05:46

Oh I like that top, thanks. Don't high waisted jeans make your tummy look huge? Though I suppose with the right top it doesn't matter.

Don't be jealous, I look stupid! Size 6 sounds v slim but when you are as short as me it is just normal.

I am making more effort with the makeup and my haircut is good, but I look in the mirror and eugh!

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