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Need new everyday shoes please!

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boogiewoogie Fri 30-Jan-09 13:01:57

my everyday boots are on their last legs (no pun intended), they were from Clarks and they've lasted pretty well but can't be repaired.

I'd like some decent looking but comfy shoes or boots that would be suitable for walking the dcs to and from nursery, town etc in. What do you normally wear and where would you look for such shoes? I've been in Clarks yesterday but nothing inspired me there. I'd rather not have something with a high heel if possible as they have to last.

Any help appreciated thanks.

cmotdibbler Fri 30-Jan-09 13:04:41

I'm currently wearing these as my everyday walking boots. Very comfy and wide

IAteMakkaPakka Fri 30-Jan-09 13:09:25

I have some of these and they're really comfy. I stand a lot at work and find them cool and light.

IAteMakkaPakka Fri 30-Jan-09 13:10:12

Although I have just remembered that it's January so you might prefer something more substantial!

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