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Body dysmorphic disorder

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onlywantsone Thu 29-Jan-09 22:16:41

I think I'm suffering from this.

I weigh 9 stone 4 - am 5 ft 7

I'm a Next size 8 - yet I look in the mirror and still look to myself like I did when I was 15 stone. I have removed nearly all the mirrors from my house, I cant stand to look any more. I hate clothes and feel so self concious.

Please help me to not feel like this.

PuzzleRocks Thu 29-Jan-09 22:29:17

Gosh, I would say so, sounds to me like you have an amazing figure.
Is there something else going on in your life that is troubling you?

MissisBoot Thu 29-Jan-09 22:30:40

You need to get some help around this - please go and see your gp.

onlywantsone Thu 29-Jan-09 22:37:17

My GP and I are having a battle right now over the Depo injection. I don't want to talk to him about this.

Every time he sees me he makes me stand on the scales (history of eating disorder in my teens.)

Marthasmama Thu 29-Jan-09 22:40:18

Did you get treatment for your ED? They do tend to stay with you despite apparent recovery. Could you get independent counselling?

Tinker Thu 29-Jan-09 22:41:20

YOu need to post this in Health not Style & Beauty I think

ninedragons Fri 30-Jan-09 07:35:03

Can you switch to a more sympathetic GP? I don't think you should ever feel that you can't talk about a potentially serious health issue with your doctor.

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Fri 30-Jan-09 10:24:53

GP should not be forcibly weighing you every visit even with an ED history. 9 stone 4 is an average weight for someone our height (I am an inch shorter than you and in theory should be 9 stone 3) and I also have ED history but have never been forced to get on scales unless I have specifically addressed weight issue with GP. I agree with Marthasmama that EDs do stay with you - although I also believe that many women have a very uneasy relationship with food and their bodies and so labelling isn't always helpful because there are so many grey areas.

Do you feel bloated at all? I know that always makes me feel heavier. If it is bloating, then perhaps looking at diet might help? Do you feel worse around your period/just before your period?

Tbh, if you are removing mirrors it does sound like you are in the throws of a potentially serious body image issue - whether or not that can be categorised as Body Dysmorphia needs to be assessed by a professional.

Go back and insist on seeing a different, more sympathetic GP. Alternatively, I do believe that there is a national ED helpline. Will hunt around for it later and post if I find it.

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