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I have a shiny face problem, any tips for powder which works?

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kettlechip Wed 28-Jan-09 16:04:04

DH commented on how shiny my face was yesterday. Bless him. I had to agree though, my forehead and chin seems to look shiny after about an hour whatever I use (normally Clinique foundation or a powder to cream type compact). I don't want to cake on makeup - is there a powder anyone can recommend to remove shine?

Molesworth Wed 28-Jan-09 16:06:04

Not a powder, but you could try Benefit's Dr Feelgood. I prefer it to powder and it does the same job without giving you a 'mask' effect

TheInnocentBystander Wed 28-Jan-09 16:06:39

I am evangelical to the point of being boring about No7 'Shine Free' Make up base.

It comes in a white tube, costs about a tenner, lasts for ages. Just smear a tad on nose, chin and forehead under makeup and you will be SHINE FREE ALL DAY!! YES I AM SHOUTING COS ITS THAT GOOD [GRIN]

TheInnocentBystander Wed 28-Jan-09 16:07:25

grin even. Get thyself to Boots now!

fartmeistergeneral Wed 28-Jan-09 16:09:12

Also think about your cleanser, is it too strong and drying out your skin so it overcompensates by oiling up? This happened to me, my skin was SO shiny last summer, and as soon as I changed my cleanser, my skin (which is still generally quite oily, always have been) went back to 'normal'.

hazeyjane Wed 28-Jan-09 16:09:40

I second the No7 Shine free stuff, it is fab, and if you spend a tenner at the moment (before 1st Feb I think) in Boots you get a £5 voucher off NO7.

MissisBoot Wed 28-Jan-09 18:00:08

Do you use an oil free foundation?

popmum Wed 28-Jan-09 18:05:47

i third the No 7 stuff. tis v good!

Pannacotta Wed 28-Jan-09 18:11:29

Papier Poudre are the best thing, they cost £1 a pack from La Senza and you just use a tiny sheet and it absorbs all the shine from your face.
Really easy and really effective

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 18:12:20

use a make up base or primer at all times!!

kettlechip Thu 29-Jan-09 13:25:03

ooh, thanks everyone. Will get me some of that no 7 shine free stuff. Have been using the witch foaming face wash but wonder if it's drying my skin a bit too much.
Not sure if foundation is oil free, it's Clinique - can't remember which, I tend to switch between a couple of them.

Thanks again!

mynameis Thu 29-Jan-09 13:27:55

After years of shiny face trauma grin I am now a total convert to BareEscentuals. The mineral veil lasts for ages and keeps me shine free all day.

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 29-Jan-09 13:29:37

I'm off to Boots too !

MamacitaGordita Thu 29-Jan-09 14:11:50

I use the Benefit Dr Feelgood stuff too and it's excellent. But all these posts about No 7 stuff- I'll give that a go next time as Benefit is rather pricey!

LoveMyLapTop Thu 29-Jan-09 14:15:23

Lilylolo mineral foundation leaves me shinefree

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 29-Jan-09 16:15:03

I bought some !!!!

tattycoram Fri 30-Jan-09 18:49:38

I bought some of that Boots stuff today. It really is good.

madwomanintheattic Fri 30-Jan-09 18:51:36

<adds boots to saturday things to do list>

lilacclaire Fri 30-Jan-09 18:52:27

2nd for the mineral veil, I don't know how they manage it, but it keeps my greasy face shine free all day!

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 30-Jan-09 18:57:25

yup, Boots stuff,tried it today, seems pretty good !

kettlechip Sun 01-Feb-09 19:52:41

Well, got the Boots no 7 stuff yesterday and am pleased to report I am now totally shine-free. It really is amazing stuff and lasted all day, even through a drizzly trip to the park! Am a convert. Thanks to TheInnocentBystander for the recommendation!!

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 05-Feb-09 10:15:46

it's fab - have used it for nearly a week now and love it !!

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 05-Feb-09 10:16:23

thank you TheInnocentBystander btw grin

TheInnocentBystander Thu 05-Feb-09 15:54:51

Hey, you're welcome, glad you like it smile I returned to this thread with trepidation thinking 'what if they all hate it' etc.

Glad you love it, it takes some rubbing in but really does keep my conk shine free.

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