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Would any of you wear these - vote now

(14 Posts)
KarlWrenbury Wed 28-Jan-09 15:07:28


mcfee Wed 28-Jan-09 15:10:44



Don't know any one who would.

jumpingbeans Wed 28-Jan-09 15:12:50

pmsl, they will go great with crocs

HelenMc1 Wed 28-Jan-09 15:15:24

Not if you paid me.

CioccolataCalda Wed 28-Jan-09 15:15:48

Only with a very short black leather skirt and as long as they don't give me a thrombosis.

bigTillyMint Wed 28-Jan-09 15:16:49

I don't think even DD would grin

ladyhelen2 Wed 28-Jan-09 15:18:01

Dear God no. Could see Katie Price in a pair though.

ladyhelen2 Wed 28-Jan-09 15:18:02

Dear God no. Could see Katie Price in a pair though.

Mung Wed 28-Jan-09 15:20:07

Good God No Way. The black ones aren't as bad, but I wouldn't wear them.

ShowOfHands Wed 28-Jan-09 15:21:42

On a longhaul flight maybe. Or after an op.

KerryMumbles Wed 28-Jan-09 15:22:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PurplePillow Wed 28-Jan-09 15:22:45

Not even with my leg avenue fancy dress costume winkgrin

Flier Wed 28-Jan-09 16:03:35

nope but could see JOdie Marsh wearing them

soopermum1 Thu 29-Jan-09 11:44:14

only in the bedroom wink

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