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Do you shave/ razor cut your DS hair?

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milliways Tue 05-Apr-05 17:12:08

My DS has his hair cut (scissors) every 4 weeks, when DH gets his done. I like it short but hate the idea of a crew cut - think he would need an earing with it (oops - no offense anyone). I can understand the joy of diy haircuts, but do think they make boys look "tough", even on a no4-6. Am I alone here?

nutcracker Tue 05-Apr-05 17:15:18

Nope and everyone thinks i'm nuts. Ds is 2 and they laugh at me at the hairdressers cos i will not let them use the clippers.

I just think it makes him look too old.

Sponge Tue 05-Apr-05 17:20:57

I do dh's but then he doesn't have that much.
I agree, wouldn't clipper cut a little boy's hair - it's too tough a haircut and I want him cute and cuddly.

milliways Tue 05-Apr-05 17:21:20

I do let them use the clippers for tidying up the back of the neck & over ears - but that is all! Glad I'm not the only one.

emmatmg Tue 05-Apr-05 17:21:40

Well, I've been using clippers on Ds1+2 hair for ages. Their first hair cuts were with a clippers on a No.6.

I was feeling lazy about cutting it recently so I took the them to the barbers a few weeks ago and they loved it. I thought I'd take them again but haven't had time so did it myself again and I admit a No.4 on them looks awful.

I doubt i'll do it myself again unless they really are in dire need of a haircut.

Nemo1977 Tue 05-Apr-05 17:21:42

I use clippers on a number 6 on ds hair as it grows so quick i have to trim it every 2/3 weeks. It isnt short like crew cut or shaved as u think of it...if u think thats short fair enough but its either that or the hairdresser charges me £6.50 for a cut

Nemo1977 Tue 05-Apr-05 17:22:44

i also clip dh but he has a no3 as he is thinning out a lot so looks better like that again barber would be charging him £10 a go

noddyholder Tue 05-Apr-05 17:23:16

no my ds is 10 and has long hair

Sponge Tue 05-Apr-05 17:24:11

I do a number 3 on dh as well, with a 2 over the ears.

emmatmg Tue 05-Apr-05 17:25:23

I do DH's too but it suits him having a No.3/4.

Plus the fact that I've lost the No.6 comb thing means the Ds's have no choice but a No.4. NO NO NO NO NO NO not any more!

serenity Tue 05-Apr-05 17:37:54


DS1 has evil hair that grows in all directions at once so had a No2 round the sides and No3 on top.

DS2's hair grows vertically (I kid you not) so has the same, I tried letting it grow but he looked like one of those troll dolls.

I cut their hair and this session they both asked to have it longer on the top. It worked OK, even though it meant they had to sit still longer.

They don't look like thugs, luckily it suits the shape of their heads iyswim! I'm a bit of a hypocrite about earrings though, I really dislike it on young boys so they will have to wait a long time before they are allowed one.

Strangely enough no one will let me use clippers on DD, so I'm having to learn how to cut hair properly with scissors. Anyone know of a good basic course?

BethAndHerBrood Tue 05-Apr-05 18:56:38

At the beginning of the easter holidays DH cut DS hair with the clippers. No guard on them, just the cutty bits!!! Actually, he looks fine!!! He's a blondie, so I think he can get away with it, that's what DH has as well, so he wants to be like dad (god help me!!). Also, they think I don't approve, which is part of the appeal, i'm sure

SoupDragon Tue 05-Apr-05 19:02:59

DSs both have their hair trimmed at home with clippers. D1looks fine as his hair has a kink in the front that makes it stick up. DH cut their hair this time and DS2 (4) looks like a thug-in-training. He went out in his footy kit at the weekend and I was almost too embarrassed to be seen with him. Definitely needed an ear ring! I usually leave it a little longer at the front to soften the look.

JanH Tue 05-Apr-05 19:31:32

It depends completely on the look of the boy and the shape of the head IMO. Also clipper settings seem to vary with clippers and operator - either that or they lie but I used to ask for number 3 at the barbers and it was different every time.

We have a nice reliable girl who comes to the house now! DS2 used to have back and sides of head clipped (No 2 or 3) and top scissored, now has no 4 on top and no 3 for back and sides and doesn't look terribly thuggish. (He doesn't suit long hair, sadly, or I'd encourage that.) Fortunately it doesn't grow too fast.

cod Tue 05-Apr-05 19:32:41

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 05-Apr-05 19:33:41

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 05-Apr-05 19:34:09

Message withdrawn

Pruni Tue 05-Apr-05 19:34:18

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Tue 05-Apr-05 19:34:30

DS has curls and I can't bear to cut them off

purpleturtle Tue 05-Apr-05 19:36:00

my ds looks very cute indeed with his hair clipped with a number 6 by yours truly. Even my dad said so , so it must be true!

emmatmg Tue 05-Apr-05 19:39:39

Isn't odd how the shape of the ehad can make it look thug-ish or not.

Ds1+2 both have NO4 ATM (as I said earlier) but DS2 espeically look like a right hooligan whereas Ds1 just has a haircut thats abit too short.

Cod, my Ds3 hair hair like you Ds1. Really fine (and really blonde too) so a pair of clippers will never go anywhere near his head. At the same age Ds1+2 had a lovely thick covering

GeorginaA Tue 05-Apr-05 19:45:41

No idea what the number is but ds1's hair gets cut short. I don't think it makes him look thuggish though - but then he has the butter wouldn't melt look, don't think he could look thuggish if he tried...


That's on a 9mm clipper I think... (I also do his dad's at the same time )

cod Tue 05-Apr-05 19:46:07

Message withdrawn

GeorginaA Tue 05-Apr-05 19:53:09

He is nice too (although I could be biased)

God knows who he gets it from - niceness must be one of those traits that skips a generation or two

milliways Tue 05-Apr-05 19:55:04

That is a lovely picture, & does not look like a clipper cut at all.

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