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La Redoute???????

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dyzzidi Mon 04-Apr-05 16:52:32

Just got a catalogue of best selling items not ssure why. I am thinking of ordering a few pairs of summer trousers. What are they like?

Sizing big or small???


Any advice would be appreciated before I order.


marthamoo Mon 04-Apr-05 17:00:04

I bought quite a lot of stuff in the Mad Mumsnet La Redoute Discount Code Frenzy of last summer and was pretty disappointed with the quality. I sent a lot back. I did keep one pair of stripey linen trousers - and the second time I wore them the zip jammed and the only way I could get them off was to break the zip. I wouldn't order from them again - though I did get a nice pair of wedge sandals and dh has a nice shirt both of which are fine.

BadHair Mon 04-Apr-05 17:05:31

I'm not impressed with La Redoute - think the quality is terrible and the sizing is mad. Bought a top for immediate post-pregnancy so went for a Large. It was ginormous and stretched to even more massive proportions on the first wash. Complained and got sent a medium sized replacement, which was titchy. Barely a 10 let alone 12/14. Have bought other things that have turned out to be poor quality and badly finished.
Men's clothes seem to fare better as dp gets some stuff from there and they last a bit longer.

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