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BDazzled Xpress

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tiredsville Wed 21-Jan-09 23:44:09

Anyone tried this teeth whitening system, I have just taken the two trays out of my mouth after gagging for the past 20 minutes, anyone had good results..

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 21-Jan-09 23:57:06

What results did you get ?

tiredsville Thu 22-Jan-09 00:01:29

After brushing my teeth, I think they look a tad whiter. It's a bit hard to tell at night because of the lighting, anyway I have a few sessions to go.

DragonLowFatSpread Thu 22-Jan-09 00:04:13

i haven't done that particular one, i did perfectil through my dentist.
not hollywood white, but good results.
why are you gagging though?

tiredsville Thu 22-Jan-09 00:07:33

The gel has given me heartburn, I swallowed a bit of it blush

DragonLowFatSpread Thu 22-Jan-09 00:09:45

that's bleach, don't swallow it!
what's in the gel? could you be using too much?
i only had to use tiny amounts.

tiredsville Thu 22-Jan-09 00:15:24

Hydrogen peroxide blush
I want to take some gaviscon, but of course now I'm worried my teeth will turn pink!!
I give up. Night and thanks for the feed back.

DragonLowFatSpread Thu 22-Jan-09 00:28:26

you might want to check how much gel you should be using remembering you only want to whiten the side that people see and also you don't want it to be on the gums.
another tip is, rather than use both trays at the same time, whiten the top ones first, then do the bottom ones once you've finished the course on the top. it's also helpful that way because you can see the colour difference as you can compare to the bottom ones before bleaching.

drink some water.

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