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Triggerhappy Mon 04-Apr-05 10:01:20

having never either looked or acted my age, i have always worn fashoinable clothes, shopped in Bay Trading, New Look & the like, though it has recently occured to me, that I am now thirty something, and though ive still got a good figure (so i'm told) and don't look my age (so i'm told!) i don't want people to think i'm mutton dressed as lamb!

what i would like advice on, is what is "acceptable" for the thirty something woman of today?

i love all the latest fashions (even miniskirts, though i feel i may be pushing it a bit there now LOL!)

any other thirty somethings & upwards still wearing the latest trends?

TIA for any advice. x

welshmum Mon 04-Apr-05 10:05:50

Well I'm 41 and still like to try trends IF I think I don't look ridiculous. Personally I don't wear minis but that's more to do with my legs than anything else. I'm regularly in Top Shop and will buy 'directional' stuff from there as it's cheap eg. a short jacket and some peasanty style tops (both good as am pg)
I wouldn't bare my midriff though as I think it's undignified after 20 in all but the rarest exceptions - anyway it's hopelessly unfashionable now

Merlin Mon 04-Apr-05 10:11:27

Agree with Welshmum - I'm 42 and consider myself to still have my trendy moments! Wouldn't wear a miniskirt or anything really tight, but love all the boho type stuff around at the moment. I still laugh at my younger sister (age 31) who commented - when I bought a poncho a few months back - that she felt too old to wear one and that maybe I was a bit too!!!! Bloody cheek - I went out and bought another one.

Triggerhappy Mon 04-Apr-05 10:23:13

thanks ladies! excactly the kinds of responses i was hoping for!!

BTW, this thread was meant to be called "whats acceptable for a thirty something woman to wear", but most of the title seems to have vanished!

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