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some new perfume

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loflo Tue 20-Jan-09 19:38:16

Hi all - got a boots voucher for Christmas and want to treat myself to some new daytime perfume. Have lots of evening stuff and usually wear Lovely by SJP during the day but would like a change. Not up to speed with newer things - any suggestions?

Cheers y'all

PuzzleRocks Tue 20-Jan-09 22:02:28

Bumping for you.

weepootleflump Tue 20-Jan-09 22:07:01

I got Daisy by Marc Jacobs for christmas & love it, haven't smelt the SJP one though so can't compare.

Sparkletastic Tue 20-Jan-09 22:09:10

Do you want something similar to Lovely or a contrast? 'Now Smell This' blog has some great reviews. Do you like florals / musk / vanilla / or 'dirty' smells? I would say avoid any celebrity scents - Lovely is the only decent one grin. I really like Armani for her (in the gold cylinder) - not particularly original but warm and sexy.

Sparkletastic Tue 20-Jan-09 22:10:03

Daisy is really nice - I've had that before. Light, funky and youthful.

AnyFucker Tue 20-Jan-09 22:19:52

I tried some Jo Malone stuff on in Selfridges today. It was gorgeous.

onlywantsone Wed 21-Jan-09 09:28:50

channel(any of them, number 7 esp).... cant go wrong

clarebear1 Wed 21-Jan-09 14:23:38

for christmas i got jean paul gaultier,paris hilton sheer,coleens and jennifer lopez desco very nice !

smurfgirl Wed 21-Jan-09 14:27:51

I have Issey Mikayke and its lovely.

smurfgirl Wed 21-Jan-09 14:28:37

Awful spelling Issey Miyake

weepootleflump Wed 21-Jan-09 14:30:00

How weird smurfgirl, I was just coming back onto the thread to recommend L'eau de Issey myself!

loflo Wed 21-Jan-09 17:12:43

aw thank you guys I will go to Boots (minus DS!) and do some sniffing - you are stars *

Fleurlechaunte Wed 21-Jan-09 18:04:12

Rose by Paul Smith. It is gorgeous. My favourite ever perfume.

SaltireOShanter Wed 21-Jan-09 18:06:04

Don't sniff too many at once though.
I second Daisy I treated myself with points, it's lovely. I also got Kylie Sexy darling on double discount day and its nice

cheesesarnie Wed 21-Jan-09 23:02:16

chanel madammasel(spelt badly).mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

loflo Tue 27-Jan-09 09:03:36

thanks for all the suggestions - went for daisy cos it was soooo lovely couldn't not buy it!

Thanks again

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