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Quick nail dry that WORKS

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NewAmazingBeginning Fri 16-Jan-09 14:28:44

Any ideas?

Okay, so I didn't use one just now when I painted my nails in readiness for my new ring, and therefore have smudged them when I put my socks on hmm but the ones I do have don't seem to work that well anyway.

I no longer have painted nails but I want them!

mamadiva Fri 16-Jan-09 14:41:17

There is one think its bourjois cant remember what its caklled but it has the fan effect brush in a litte triangle bottle its lovely colouras and dries mega quick! Can get it in boots.

NewAmazingBeginning Fri 16-Jan-09 14:44:10

I have one of those and they are great.

What I was after is something to put on top of the colour to make whatever polish I am using, dry quickly.

NewAmazingBeginning Sat 17-Jan-09 08:54:25

Anyone else got any ideas? Shops are calling me for later.

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