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Home hair colourers - how often do you touch up your roots? (Esp if you go lighter)

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Flier Thu 15-Jan-09 22:45:22

I coloured my hair less than 4 weeks ago now and I think I already need to redo my roots - is this about normal?

CandleQueen Thu 15-Jan-09 22:52:21

I don't bother with root touch ups, but then I just "all-over" colour every time. And my colour is similar to natural, just slightly more fetching and shiny!!

hazeyjane Thu 15-Jan-09 22:54:07

I find with Nice and Easy it's 6 weeks, but with others it has been less (Recital's new one was about 2 weeks)

Flier Fri 16-Jan-09 09:55:31

candlequeen, how long o you go between colour each time?
thanks hazyjane, i didn't think that some makes would last longer than others sad

slalomsuki Fri 16-Jan-09 11:15:00

I also don't do the roots but do the whole head. Its every 6 to 8 weeks but then I change brands all the time. I do use an old kids paint brush to make sure I cover the odd roots that are at the front on the hair line etc and that makes it last a bit longer

CandleQueen Fri 16-Jan-09 11:18:36

6 - 8 weeks. Maybe longer, but then my shade is close to natural. If it was much darker or lighter I would probably do about 4-6 weeks.

Flier Fri 16-Jan-09 11:32:13

thank you ladies

cmotdibbler Fri 16-Jan-09 16:04:52

I do my whole head every 8 weeks, and my hairline and parting roots every 4 - I'm naturally very grey so it shows.

FWIW I use Boots own, or Garnier Belle Colour

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