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Would you like to admire my bargains? I am v impressed with myself but not insensitive to credit crunch, so not being flash, just happy becuase I have not had new clothes for ages

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RubyRioja Thu 15-Jan-09 21:40:20

Today I bought
Dress £135 to £36
Dress £95 to £30
Dress £80 to £15
Dress £95 to £25
Tunic £85 to £15
Shoes £85 to £20
Combats £44 to £12 (3 pairs!)
Shirt for DH £45 to £13
Cardi for dd £20 to £9
Belt for DD £11 to £2.75

I don't think I'll keep them all as some fit better and look better than others, but it was excellent fun. Plus have wedding and family do to go to and needed some clothes.

If I am discerning and only keep those that really look nice, paying £ not credit, that is not too reckless is it?

bodiddly Thu 15-Jan-09 21:41:56

sounds very bargainous! ... where did you get them from?

sheilatakeabow Thu 15-Jan-09 21:41:58

That is fecking fantastic work. Well done!

RubyRioja Thu 15-Jan-09 21:44:21

Local outlet centre (in an hour flat), but are all Coast, Fat Face and Phase 8 - my current favourites and not at all left behind crapola that is so often there!

bodiddly Thu 15-Jan-09 21:46:20

that's even better then!

Tortoise Thu 15-Jan-09 21:48:48

envy RR. smile Well done you.

RubyRioja Thu 15-Jan-09 21:49:57

I must be a bit sad, I keep tryign things on ! Then takign them off and hanging them on nice wooden hangers!

Tortoise Thu 15-Jan-09 21:53:39

You wouldn't do that here lol! It is too bloody cold in my house. grin

RubyRioja Thu 15-Jan-09 21:55:05

Have left my woolly socks on while trying on posh weddingy dress

Tortoise Thu 15-Jan-09 21:58:21


TheRealMrsJohnSimm Thu 15-Jan-09 22:09:01

Oh Ruby sounds like you had a fab day . Glad you were able to get so many bargains. It is lovely to find more expensive items for the same or less as you pay for run of the mill stuff. And sounds like you were well overdue for a treat.

About the "trying things on and hanging on nice wooden hangers"........I do this with my new purchases too. Re-arrange my entire wardrobe/cupboards. And if I have new shoes or jewellery, I will wear them the entire evening after the shopping expedition.....with my pj's!! I just sit there admiring them all

Which outlet store did you go to? I keep meaning to get over to Bicester Village but its quite a trek from here and you can't always guarantee you will find something.

RubyRioja Thu 15-Jan-09 22:26:38

It was a McArthur Glenn (Ashford) - q often pants,but v worthwhile today.

I also did have specific events to buy for - which justifies doesn't it. Most of my clothes have been from Sainsbo in last year, so it does feel luxurious. Also Dh in new job in office where women actually look smart. As I am usually accessorised with snot/playdough/dribble, I think it is cheaper than a divorce too!

toddlerama Fri 16-Jan-09 13:38:59

With them being Coast, Fatface and Phase 8 wouldn't you be better ebaying them rather than returning them as they wree such bargains? I would end up keeping them all because I have no self control....once I've brought them home it's hard to release them back into the wild!

sammysam Fri 16-Jan-09 16:33:42

Very envy I wish I could find an outlet place near me to do the same grin

mrsseanbean Fri 16-Jan-09 16:46:03

Sounds lovely - enjoy! smile

RubyRioja Fri 16-Jan-09 17:19:42

i think on reflection I will be keeping all but one paif of combats blush

Fimbo Fri 16-Jan-09 17:22:48

Oh well done.

I live miles and miles from any factory outlets, so usually visited them when on holiday but have dh and the dc in tow and its not quite the same as being able to have a good search by yourself envy

RubyRioja Fri 16-Jan-09 17:32:42

All shopping done in an hour as everyone at school!

I never shop with Dh - he seems to think I should dress like Hyacinth Bucket

mrsseanbean Fri 16-Jan-09 18:06:29

I hate shopping with DH angry

He stands over me and says 'do you want it or not?' Grrrrr.
He just doesn't get browsing...

AuraofDora Sat 17-Jan-09 16:21:30

ruby sounds nice! good for you, i have to get some stuff too but feck, in an hour! that's my kinda shopping
enjoy, wooden hangers n all smile
betcha look million $'s in yer socks and wedding togs, <twirls for ya>

AuraofDora Sat 17-Jan-09 16:22:27

ruby sounds nice! good for you, i have to get some stuff too but feck, in an hour! that's my kinda shopping
enjoy, wooden hangers n all smile
betcha look million $'s in yer socks and wedding togs, <twirls for ya>

AuraofDora Sat 17-Jan-09 16:23:29

i found a £20 note in the gutter today all manky but still legal tender i beleive
am putting it towards some togs smile

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