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Pants Quest

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curlygal Wed 14-Jan-09 18:05:44

What has happened to all of the proper knickers?

I like me pants to come up high ie up to my tummmy, but I don;t want actual granny pants (so not "full briefs") I used to be able to get "high leg" pants that came up high on the tum but all the ones I've tried lately have been low cut and sit below my tummy.

Does anyone have any ideas where I can get the style of pants I am after?

Ta muchly.

CuppaTeaJanice Wed 14-Jan-09 18:08:20

You mean the sort that go straight up your bum? Have you tried Matalan? They seem to have a wide selection.

SoMuchToBits Wed 14-Jan-09 18:09:14

I can't help I'm afraid, but if you find out, do let me know! I hate knickers that don't come up far enough, but would rather have a higher cut leghole!

charlottesmum5 Wed 14-Jan-09 18:42:40

I get mine from M&S - high leg ones. I have 2 c/s scars so can't bear the ones that are low rise.

curlygal Wed 14-Jan-09 19:03:57

I mean pants not thongs or strings so they cover your bum. But I don;t want granny pants with low legs as just so unflattering.

charlottesmum I tried m&s ones recently and they all seen too low slung. Was it pack of five ones you got or the individual ones?

I have some that are really a bit saggy and old and they are M&S and gap but cannot see anything similiar anywhere.

Hate it when my tummy pops over the top of my pants!

charlottesmum5 Wed 14-Jan-09 19:53:53

I got the pack of 5 - make sure they are the ones with lycra, think they are £6? They come up big so I get a size smaller. They are the only ones that do it for me

curlygal Thu 15-Jan-09 19:11:34

Thanks Charlottesmum I will go check them out.

Will aslo find out if there is a matalan near by and see how their pants are

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