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why do people on here love boden, when it's middle aged crap?

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BodyBagBastard Wed 14-Jan-09 18:04:03

over priced fuddy duddy rubbish.

JuliaFrogspawn Wed 14-Jan-09 18:04:34

WEll to be honest they don't all really. Its kind of a leitmotif of the site.

pagwatch Wed 14-Jan-09 18:09:11

perhaps they are middle aged and crap.

I actually quite like some of the girls clothes but have never bought for me. I have a huge dislike of mail order ( except net-a-porter grin)

Dare I ask why you care?

BodyBagBastard Wed 14-Jan-09 18:09:18

leitmotif ?? what?

JuliaFrogspawn Wed 14-Jan-09 18:10:15

recurring theme.

VanillaPumpkin Wed 14-Jan-09 18:11:31

I like the children's stuff as it is actually child like. I only buy in the sale though.
Womens stuff is too expensive and mostly fuddy duddy I agree.

JuliaFrogspawn Wed 14-Jan-09 18:12:21

People kind of love to hate it, I think. Then shamefully buy some.

bookthief Wed 14-Jan-09 18:13:45

I bought some sales stuff, encouraged by a friend who had a really nice shirt from them.

I'm sending it all back.

verylapsedrunner Wed 14-Jan-09 18:15:37

Don't have any myself (but DS has a couple of t shirts)....but come to think of it I am 46 so probably fall into your target category grin

mrsmaidamess Wed 14-Jan-09 18:25:58

Its the 'lifestyle' dahling.

Cornish holidays, bikes with baskets on the front, chocolate labradors, dishy husbands wearing floral shirts, daughters wearing fairy wings and stripey tights, its all soooooo unoriginal.

ramonaquimby Wed 14-Jan-09 18:28:13

have only bought things for my daughters - wearing well passed on through to number 3. Women's stuff never really looked at - prefer Kew/FF/White stuff

Niecie Wed 14-Jan-09 18:28:56

Where are the mid-30's to mid-40's supposed to buy their clothes?

I don't buy from there as I can't afford it but I don't dislike it.

janeite Wed 14-Jan-09 18:30:37

I had a lovely skirt from Boden - and somebody stole it off my washing line. It was not fuddy duddy - it was quirky and yummy and purple and I still miss it.

GooseyLoosey Wed 14-Jan-09 18:31:32

Cos we are - middle aged that is. Having said that, I have never been tempted.

Niecie Wed 14-Jan-09 18:32:51

Does MN love Boden? - all I ever see are threads slating it.

MrsSeanBean Wed 14-Jan-09 18:33:10

I have a depe loathing of 'Fat face'. I think it's the subliminal message.

CatIsSleepy Wed 14-Jan-09 18:33:41

well some people must love it or they'd be out of business

and some of those people are on MN I guess

does that help?

CuppaTeaJanice Wed 14-Jan-09 18:34:21

I think people only mention it as a stereotype. Eg. Boden-clad range rover driving pony-clubbing privately educated..........

mrsmaidamess Wed 14-Jan-09 18:34:26

Niecie there are also lots of threads saying 'Here's what I am ordering, has yours come yet?'

Maybe its a fanclub.

Maybe MNHQ need a topic devoted entirely to Boden devotees.

downbutnotout Wed 14-Jan-09 18:35:09

I am middle aged for one thing and find that it provides a nice line in good quality clothes suitable for my job that are smart and not black (as I have sworn off black for the rest of my life). I like to be slightly funkier in my social life. Plus I do have daydreams in which I am a fabulous yummy mummy parent to Tarquin and Jemima, rather than a slighty tubby wage slave and parent of grubby (but delightful) dd.

MrsSeanBean Wed 14-Jan-09 18:35:13

agh - deep not depe - obviously.

MrsSeanBean Wed 14-Jan-09 18:35:51

LOL and empathy with downbutnotout!

MrsMattie Wed 14-Jan-09 18:37:07

here here@OP

So over priced for what it is. I find it bland, boring, vanilla. I can spot a Boden wearer a mile off, too. It's like saying 'I don't like clothes very much'.

Hassled Wed 14-Jan-09 18:38:32

Well I am middle aged, so that part's not a problem. It at least starts to bridge the gap between Top Shop and Country Casuals/M&S Old People Department.

One day, BBB, you will be over 40 - it comes to us all

Blu Wed 14-Jan-09 18:38:58

What's your clothes taste, Bodybag?

I like a lot of the boys clothes, and they last and wear really well.

Most of the women's clothes are too bunting fey for me, but I have a couple of tops that I really like - and again, they wash and wear very resiliently.

But I am undoubtedly middle aged and possibly crap.

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