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I think I may have bought the ugliest top in the whole world.

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AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Wed 14-Jan-09 17:02:56

I've been looking for a link but I can't find one so you'll have to make to with my description:

I got it from Monsoon. It's actually two tops; a vest and an over layer. The vest is dark brown, t-shirt knit material with string straps. So far so fine.

Now the other bit...

It's a chiffon material, but not particularly floaty. See-through anyway. It's a giant brown and orange paisley pattern. It has a shaped neckline, sort of scalloped and going down into a sweetheart point. Seam under bust and then A-line. Mid-bum length. It has slightly-below-elbow length batwing sleeves with scalloped edges. To top it all off it has a row of military style brass ball buttons down the front.

What was I thinking? I wore it to go shopping today and every time I caught sight of myself it looked like something my Granny would wear. It makes me look stout and matronly. If I were going to move to Chipping Sodbury, join the WI, make jam, shout at people who drop litter, judge fruit cakes and do the church flowers I would wear this top.

UnfortunatelyMe Wed 14-Jan-09 17:04:16

I need a link. I like the sound of itblush

twoluvlykids Wed 14-Jan-09 17:05:29

do those things then, and make the top happy.

otherwise, stick it on ebay.

it does sound weird, take a piccie and put it on your profile. grin

Lauriefairycake Wed 14-Jan-09 17:05:55

brass buttons shock

seriously, no. grin

sounds really f'ugly. Pass it on to UnfortunatelyMe in a swop smile

UnfortunatelyMe Wed 14-Jan-09 17:07:08

Oh Oh i missed the brass buttons maybe not, can they be removed?

luckylady74 Wed 14-Jan-09 17:07:19

please god someone find a link to it!

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Wed 14-Jan-09 17:08:42

It's so bad I'm actually tempted to take a pic for my profile. Hang on, I'll find the camera...

cyteen Wed 14-Jan-09 17:09:00

fantastic grin makes me feel better about the picture SIL posted on facebook of me wearing a polyester tie-front top in a pattern so loud my eardrums burst when i looked at it.

georgimama Wed 14-Jan-09 17:12:01

I live near Chipping Sodbury.

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Wed 14-Jan-09 17:14:26

Is it a real place shock?

CandleQueen Wed 14-Jan-09 17:14:34

I was going to make DC's tea, but they can starve. I'm sticking around here until I see a photo of that top!! grin

Lauriefairycake Wed 14-Jan-09 17:15:06

<waits to see pic>

CandleQueen Wed 14-Jan-09 17:22:32

Come on Alice!!

nappyaddict Wed 14-Jan-09 17:26:36

Yes Iwant to see to.

TheInnocentBystander Wed 14-Jan-09 17:28:25

I thought it sounded ok...until the brass buttons that is.

Pic!Pic!Pic! <<folds arms and waits>>

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Wed 14-Jan-09 17:32:12

<wipes sweat from brow>

Did I do it? Can you see it?

dexter73 Wed 14-Jan-09 17:33:27

Ebay it now!!shock

cockporn Wed 14-Jan-09 17:34:38

I like the fabric actually. But those sleeves are grievous, man!

littlelamb Wed 14-Jan-09 17:34:49

Hahahahahahaha! It's sooo not as bad as it was in my head grin

MrsSeanBean Wed 14-Jan-09 17:34:54

Dear me, that sounds atrocious.

<<checks Alice's temerpature>>

Hangingbellyofbabylon Wed 14-Jan-09 17:37:43

it's not so bad.. I had a similar incident today, but luckily with a charity shop purchase - normal looking black top, looked brand new so I bought it. Tried on at home and it has normal sleeves to the elbow then they kind of split and flourish and have bows etc! no idea how I didn't notice in the shop.

BodyBagBastard Wed 14-Jan-09 17:38:14

Oi! I've got that bloody top

CandleQueen Wed 14-Jan-09 17:38:38

OMG! Ebay? No...the offending article must be removed from your house ASAP. Do Oxfam or similar do an Emergency 24 hour Charity Shop Collection line?

It's the pattern really - I can see my MIL wearing it.

IAmTheNewQueenOfMN Wed 14-Jan-09 17:38:43

tis not as bad as you made it sound but I would still ebay it
just make sure the pic is from far away so they dont see the buttons lol

CrushaGrape Wed 14-Jan-09 17:41:19

My, that is rather an unfortunate looking garment. I feel you must let it go for your sartorial dignity. I hope it didn't cost too much.

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