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Another basic nail polish question ...

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NotQuiteCockney Wed 14-Jan-09 11:56:25

I've taken to wearing clear polish. Do I need to take off the old stuff before putting on the new? I guess it might not look as nice with chipped-grown-out clear underneath?

PuzzleRocks Wed 14-Jan-09 15:45:31

Bumping for you.

Ruby2shoes Wed 14-Jan-09 16:07:36

Yes it will look scruffy! Use a clear basecoat underneath to prevent yellow stains - think its called Yellow Off or something as you will still get staining using clear.

I would be able to tell you exactly what make and what it’s called except it’s at the bottom of an overfilled wardrobe and much rummaging will be needed to fish it out!

NotQuiteCockney Wed 14-Jan-09 18:03:42

It's only clear nailpolish I'm using, not coloured - I know that anything on top of a chipped coloured polish would look crap!

hotCheeseBurns Wed 14-Jan-09 18:06:42

Try it and see. I usually wear lots of dark/bright nail varnish but my nails have started splitting really badly so I'm sticking to clear nail strengthening base coat at the moment. I'm just layering it because I'm lazy and I read somewhere that nail varnish remover weakens nails and makes them split so don't want to use any.

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