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really need to get a dark brown long sleeved tshirt for dd to go under a dress, HELP!

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lovelysongbirdie Mon 12-Jan-09 21:32:01

please help me
i got dd the boden big button dress, and would ideally like to get the powdered blue tshirt but its sold out from boden.
i think it could be difficult to match

so i need a long sleeved brown tshirt for a 18month old.

any help would be gratefully recieved smile

AnarchyAunt Mon 12-Jan-09 21:33:22

Any of these the right colour?

swedishmum Mon 12-Jan-09 21:38:05

H and M? I know I've had them for dd before.

lovelysongbirdie Mon 12-Jan-09 21:45:56

thanks anrchyaunt, i think this is just what i am after. really wanted some thing from a shop that i could buy tomorrow though as im inpatient grin
but i will get that if i can't find anything tomorrow

swedish mum thanks i'll check there tomorrow


AnarchyAunt Mon 12-Jan-09 21:47:19

Oh no idea with real live shops - we don't have them where I live really!

Shhhh Mon 12-Jan-09 21:51:55

H&M do them.
I know for a fact the boys section do as ds has them. he is 23 months and still in their 12-18 mth range as its quite roomy.

They do a bodysuit and a tshirt one. around £1.99-£2.99.

I guess the girls section would do them BUT noone would know if she wore the boys ne wink. I won't tell wink

Shhhh Mon 12-Jan-09 21:52:33

oopps blush Just read swedishmums reply. x posts.

lovelysongbirdie Mon 12-Jan-09 22:04:16

ok 1st stop
h and m
thanks so much

lovelysongbirdie Tue 13-Jan-09 12:05:06

oh great i got one from h an m.
couln't fin it at first but kept looking thinking shhh an sweish mum told me they definatley have them
thanks very much
thanks also anarchy aunt i still might try the blue one fromt that link

Shhhh Tue 13-Jan-09 14:41:41

lol bless you! glad you got sorted. h&m are brill esp for basics as thse items are in month in month out...obviously summer/winter change slight (shorter sleeves v long sleeves) but other than that they keep their "basics" which I find brill grin.

They wash v well as well btw. x

lovelysongbirdie Tue 13-Jan-09 20:15:04

well if you didn't tell me they had them, i would of probably missed them rather than really looking.

just looked at your profile btw, oh you are lovely!, beautiful colouring.

Shhhh Tue 13-Jan-09 21:49:21

blush. Thankyou smile.

Good luck with future h&m purchases. x

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