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need to get some silver size 5 pretty shoes for my dd

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lovelysongbirdie Mon 12-Jan-09 16:49:06

any ideas where to look?

Fimbo Mon 12-Jan-09 16:50:52

Toddler size 5 or older girl size 5?

Sawyer64 Mon 12-Jan-09 16:55:57

A danceshop?Or Monsoon maybe?

lovelysongbirdie Mon 12-Jan-09 16:56:57

toddler size 5 smile

LittleMissNorty Mon 12-Jan-09 17:00:14

I got a pair of glittery silver shoes from Matalan for a fiver just before Xmas....they may have them in their sale.

LIZS Mon 12-Jan-09 17:05:44

I got some silver pumps for dd in Accessorize/Monsoon - they were size 10 but went smaller rather than larger.

lovelysongbirdie Mon 12-Jan-09 17:05:55

just tried the matalan website no luck, and ive tried next amd monsoon websites too.

petalpower Mon 12-Jan-09 17:07:54

I got some sparkly black shoes from Debenhams just before Christams for my daughter. I think they had silver too.

Fimbo Mon 12-Jan-09 17:08:53


EyeballsintheSky Mon 12-Jan-09 17:09:44

Monsoon here too. My niece lived in sparkly red/pink/silver pumps over the summer. She's a little older though but they did have a good range of sizes.

lovelysongbirdie Mon 12-Jan-09 17:13:57

fimbo i think they would be perfect just what im looking for.
i will look in town tomorrow as id prefer to try rather than order but thats just what i am after

eyeballs im a bit worried about them staying on her feet as shes only 18months

Fimbo Mon 12-Jan-09 17:15:11

Try H & M too and Zara sometimes have sparkly shoes.

EyeballsintheSky Mon 12-Jan-09 17:21:26

Ah, ok. Didn't realise how young

ja9 Mon 12-Jan-09 17:25:20

matalan and monsoon sprung to mind.

lovelysongbirdie Mon 12-Jan-09 18:24:11

thanks guys.
really value your helpsmile

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