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Please help me find some stylish snow boots.....

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TheRealMrsJohnSimm Mon 12-Jan-09 14:04:29

....or is that an impossible task?

They must be totally waterproof and suitable for mucking around/sledging/snowman making rather than just walking over snow (apparently there is a significant difference hmm ). Not bothered what colour - just dont try and persuade me to buy some of those humungous yeti boots

RumMum Mon 12-Jan-09 15:43:15

I got these from cotton traders... not sure if this is what your after but they are waterproof and very very warm..
cotton traders fur lined boots

Clarissimo Mon 12-Jan-09 15:45:42

have these and love them

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Mon 12-Jan-09 20:43:28

Thanks for those.

Anyone else with more ideas?

samsonara Mon 12-Jan-09 22:26:07

This site has a good selection here, I like the caterpillar bebot on page 2

brimfull Mon 12-Jan-09 23:56:57

You need some snow joggers

very trendy dahlink and do the job

shop around to get a bargain at the mo

brimfull Mon 12-Jan-09 23:58:42

[[ zillions here]

brimfull Mon 12-Jan-09 23:59:10

zillions here

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