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what do you think to this dress

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lovelysongbirdie Sun 11-Jan-09 18:17:39


as a casual day time dress with thick tights and boots?

squeaver Sun 11-Jan-09 18:18:23

Are you Bet Lynch?

cornsilk Sun 11-Jan-09 18:18:39

Please no.

suwoo Sun 11-Jan-09 18:19:18

I like the shape a lot, but the fabric wouldn't be for me.

TheInnocentBystander Sun 11-Jan-09 18:19:49

Too hard to pull off without looking like a slapper.


samsonara Sun 11-Jan-09 18:21:32

shaking head alot !

lovelysongbirdie Sun 11-Jan-09 18:22:20

what about putting some chunky black beds with it?

or is that toooo much grin

TheInnocentBystander Sun 11-Jan-09 18:23:19

songbirdie that would be like trying to polish a turd.

leave that dress alone now! grin

MumHadEnough Sun 11-Jan-09 18:24:04

Only if you are a size 6-8 and about 5' 2".


lovelysongbirdie Sun 11-Jan-09 18:25:36

i like it grin

janeite Sun 11-Jan-09 18:28:30

Tis not nice - sorry.

Wonderstuff Sun 11-Jan-09 18:31:37

no no no - sorry not nice.

paolosgirl Sun 11-Jan-09 18:33:37

I'm a size 8 and 5' 2" - and I wouldn't!

Step away from the dress, lovely

HecateQueenOfGhosts Sun 11-Jan-09 18:34:41

grin terrible, truly terrible!

daftpunk Sun 11-Jan-09 18:36:09

it's tragic.


charlieandlola Sun 11-Jan-09 18:36:21

Of not To.

TheInnocentBystander Sun 11-Jan-09 18:36:49

Songbird- have you spotted a theme going on here?

nickschick Sun 11-Jan-09 18:38:02

do u think with skinny jeans and uggs it might look ermmmmm better>?

WhereTheWildThingsWere Sun 11-Jan-09 18:38:19


IdrisTheDragon Sun 11-Jan-09 18:38:53

That is erm horrible

lovelysongbirdie Sun 11-Jan-09 18:49:13

lol grin

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