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Step this way all you shoe queens, and show me the way to go!!!

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desperatehousewifeintraining Wed 07-Jan-09 22:32:17

I have bought this dress today and am a bit of a loss as to what sort of shoes would go, I think I would like to add some colour, but need the expertise of the style gurus to advise the best they can........... TIA

Fimbo Wed 07-Jan-09 22:34:34

The lace mary-janes on the same page look nice but they won't load when you click on them

Fimbo Wed 07-Jan-09 22:37:21


desperatehousewifeintraining Wed 07-Jan-09 22:38:15

Yeah I couldn't get them to load either, thinking they have probably sold out in the sale, they were not in Karen Millen earlier....Shame as they would of been perfect!!

Fimbo Wed 07-Jan-09 22:38:59


desperatehousewifeintraining Wed 07-Jan-09 22:41:39

Yes I agree Fimbo they are pretty yummy!!! And nice price too!! I don't mind going up to £80 - £90 if they were really nice, but would like to keep within a reasonable buget!!

desperatehousewifeintraining Wed 07-Jan-09 22:43:17

Scrap that I would go to £110 tops!!!

Fimbo Wed 07-Jan-09 22:45:15


Fimbo Wed 07-Jan-09 22:46:39

Have a scoot through the Jones site they have some pretty good sale bargains.

desperatehousewifeintraining Wed 07-Jan-09 22:51:59

Thanks for the help Fimbo you are a star, do you think adding a colour is a no no?

LaDiDaDi Wed 07-Jan-09 22:52:51

I'm not sure on the shoes but looking at that Karen Millen site has just cost me 75 quid!!

desperatehousewifeintraining Wed 07-Jan-09 22:55:27

Whoop's!!! hope you bought something nice?? Must say I did go quite mad in there earlier!!

Fimbo Wed 07-Jan-09 22:57:09

The dress is quite delicate looking and requires a shoe equally so. Therefore some like a bright red would be wrong. Perhaps maybe a purple but then you get into tight issues unless you are having fake tan.

I think if you want to look classy it needs to be black imho

Fimbo Wed 07-Jan-09 22:58:10

And on that note I am off to bed (some-one will probably come along and contradict me!) grin

RiaParkinson Wed 07-Jan-09 22:58:29

yes agree fimbo the shoe on the page looks perfect

desperatehousewifeintraining Wed 07-Jan-09 23:09:27

Arrrgggghhhhh now I really really want the lace mary janes!!! Will have to have a quick look and see if I can find something similar.....

LaDiDaDi Wed 07-Jan-09 23:11:44

this andthis

desperatehousewifeintraining Wed 07-Jan-09 23:19:35

Ohh very nice, both of them, saw them both in KM earlier, don't think you will be disappointed, loved the first one but only had big sizes, although on net they have my size so I may just have to spend a bit more!!

LaDiDaDi Wed 07-Jan-09 23:49:29

Will report back when I get them smile.

LaDiDaDi Sat 10-Jan-09 13:50:26

Very pleased with both items, I've got the long sleeved top on today, even though it's a bit chilly for it tbh, and I'll be wearing the short sleeved top out next weekend.

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